04 April, 2008

Lets take the whole perspective....Sigh~

Understanding. This word is what every socio-political blogger has to understand. I admit that I am at fault too for speculating on issues in the past that somewhat may be wrong or unjust to do. However, I assure you that my intentions are clear and concise...that is to give an honest opinion as a concerned rakyat and as a devoted Malaysian.

Last couple of days I have not been writing. Reason being that I was observing the many pundits and the kinds of reports that gets printed in the daily press. On one issue I have to agree that AUKU should be reviewed. Having such laws does in a way prohibits undergraduates proactive role in nation building. Besides, how else is it going to be done if not by free speech and free will to act as a proactive movement such as clubs and campus societies? The review should above all else ensure that undergraduates play a more prominent role in developing a politically mature nation.

Should Pak Lah step down as PM? Well, just like Mat Taib says let the game progress to it's later stages. As far as I can see it the new game has just begun. Elections are just over and done with so just give it some time to sink in and see if the new crop of representatives and ministers are up to it. I say give them a year or two. If by any means there is a formal vote of no confidence it should be known during the UMNO party elections later this year.

Obviously the pressure is mounting ever higher for Pak Lah and his band of cohorts. But a good half of the cabinet now are new faces. At least give these people a chance. Once it is proven that the votes of the UMNO party elections are swinging the other way and Pak Lah looses ground then it is a good clear indication that he should logically know what to do.

Of course the traditionalist and the old will go for the proven combo. But we can't change the whole country overnight. At least not in this incarnation. The last elections have achieved its purpose and the people have chosen that it should be the same ruling party but with a lesser majority. So let us all be a bit more patient to allow our decisions cultivate and spring the change that we all hope for. If that does not bear fruit then we all know what we should do.

For Tun M, well he must have one hell of a grudge. But if he is a real gentleman he should gracefully retire entirely. I see him in the news these days as often as I see obituaries in the papers. For a man who has brought so much development to the country he is no doubt the best we have ever had. I know, I know some would say he was all this and all that in the bad sense but come on....he did not pull us straight into chaos. But Tun M should be a merry old man and enjoy the rest of his living daylights. In other words....just "Chill".

As for the other states that are enjoying a new state government the people have to keep a good eye on those that they have chosen. Utilize their rights to the fullest and give their MPs a good political time. If it is true that the opposition is the "People's Party" then the people should hustle them hard so at least their tax money will go to good use for sure.

Finally, for that child Math prodigy. Come on... if she wants to be a hooker so be it. What can the government do? Why waste the resources on someone who first is not in the country to begin with. Second, just because she is a prodigy does not mean she is that much of an importance to the whole country...every citizen is just as important. So instead of helping one why not reach out to the rest of the kids to take her situation as a good example. Great brains comes with a greater amount of responsibility. Plus book smart is not everything in the world.

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Anonymous said...

yeah,i agree..pak lah is altogether different kind of politician or leader if comparing with the of Tun.He is one of the most respectable leader in Asia if not the world.Malaysia is not just a small agri-eco,but it was the fastest growing country in the early 90's.Other countries look up to us in this era.Yeahh,he is cruel and he control his party like he owns it.But this does work.Datuk Ahmed sahberi(information minister),he should better to more in depth homework on how Tun does his work..Tun is briliant.

As for Nazri and mhd taib..
plz do remember the lost of sabah and kelantan or terengganu in Tun tenure is expected,because this is not the stronghold of UMNI,while ths previous election..The BN lost selangor,perak,penang,FT,and kelantan..dont make urself look stupid with the comment,and if u want to win pak lah's heart..actually u r losing alot of ppls heart..TUN is still a dominant figure in malaysia. _the new voter for the previous election..the angry young malaysian..