12 April, 2008

UMNO Arrogant? Tell me something I don't know.

Pause for a minute. What made them loose so much in such a short time? Mat Taib said arrogance. I say ignorance is their blissful sin. Typically UMNO reps are all pro Malay. But does being pro Malay entitle them to go on and on about the greatness of being Malay all the time?

Sincerely a serious and smart UMNO rep knows too well not to pull the racial trip in party speeches. But in the midst of situations where thousands cheer them on they keep getting bolder and bolder.....it's their 15 minute shot to stardom. Vanity is the greatest sin and all politicians are guilty of it.

What are the people thinking about the arrogant speeches, chants and shouts? They wish they can vote them out as easy as what they do on Akademi Fantasia every week. In a few keystrokes and the votes are sent via sms. Before the end of the night you are gone with bags and all.

But that is just wishful thinking. Members of UMNO should always be the toughest critics to their reps. Why should it be the opposition all the time doing it? If you think that your UMNO chief is wrong and so full of shit then just say so that they are indeed no more than shit.

UMNO members need to be more assertive and aggressive, not to the oppositions or detractors but to their own leaders that they have elected. Whip the leaders into shape.... tell them that their English is indeed horrible and is an embarrassment to his or her supporters to be associated to such a leader that lacks a lot of skills.

I don't see why it is wrong, in fact it is a form of quality control. Not only they become reps because of popularity but also because of excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Limit the use of the Malay propaganda to the coffee shop discussions. It is no use on the public stage. What I bet UMNO members want is a more educated and resourceful bunch of reps at grassroot level.

Please, members too also have to play the role of NOT kissing asses of their higher ranking members. That only will lead to further corruption and disunity among fellow members. To start things off...I think Mat Taib needs to go for professional English classes and sit for at least a 1119 SPM English Paper

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