08 April, 2008

Varsity woes.

The time has come once again and Varsities are prepped for a new intake of students in the next couple of months. The news today is filled with the normal varsity mumbo jumbo. But it is a well known fact that none of our varsities are up to scratch in quality. It has long been a debate of denial and it is to go on and on and on.

Why? Why are we subjecting our children to sub-par education standards? Most would say they can't afford to send their kids anywhere else. Sad but true. It is also true that money buys better education. So no matter how stupid a kid may be he or she may be admitted to any private college and somehow get that degree. Of course money can't help you all the way. But it is a major contribution to who can get what and where.

SO called factors why certain courses are favourites? Simple through the test of time it is known that certain jobs are not that effected come an economic crisis or at least the demand does not drop that much. So that explains why Medicine, Engineering, Law and other traditional schools of thought are high on the applications list.

Can't blame on why we have more of a certain type of graduate than the other. It is just the society's understanding and simplicity of logic. Where there is sugar that is where the ants shall go. So if the economy does not place a demand who would want to offer?

It is not only the point of getting qualifications. School leavers have to understand and study the job market. Study one thing today and after completing the course they find there is no such demand after all. Then the idiots are the ones that hold those qualifications.

However apart from that our local varsities are lightyears behind time. Even to get one friggin new subjects approved by LAN takes 3 years. How do you expect our graduates to be at the top of their game when they graduate?

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