31 May, 2008

I applaud Gerakan Mahasiswa Mansuhkan AU-KU

In the most esteemed manner I would like to congratulate and support GMM AU-KU. The team has carried out such a commendable effort to petition for the review of the Universities and University Colleges Act 1971. By which if all go well we might have some demands met and a more liberated undergraduate movement in positively changing our future for the better.

Read more of the report here.

30 May, 2008

Wayang Kulit of Malaysian Politics

Could it be possible that the long standing power of BN be stomped and ousted? May it be the predicament of Malaysians to tolerate the many issues that plague the system and mentality? Exactly how long need it be for the people to really come in power? From all this it is somehow petty that the tussle is always about who is in and who is out. But have we ever wondered that just for once that this tirade be stopped for more pressing issues concerning the well being of us all?

The house of power has slowly become akin to a reality TV show. If it was to be during the 50's it would be very well known to be a "Wayang Pacak" that the whole village will congregate for the stupendous occasion. Simply because it is a rare sight and not at all about the quality.

We have quite a few strong characters. Just like a TV soap whereby even a dead character may come to life and effect the storyline. We have the silent one, a wolf in sheep's clothing, the reckless maverick, the war veteran and many more tiny characters that make up a multi faceted cast. The locations too are well chosen but mainly revolves around a studio set @ the parliament house. Not to disrespect the house but just look what is exhibited day in and day out.

There is a fine cafe which dishes out fine tea and local coffee. Fabulous lounge with nice velvety upholstery. Toilets clean enough to even eat your lunch without feeling disgusted owh...and not forgetting the picturesque driveway up to the famed hall. Sounds very Bollywood if not Hollywood ain't it?

But yeah no matter how upmarket it all looks it is really all like "Wayang Kulit" where there are new skin versus old wrinkled skin. The skilled multi award winning actors against those who just graduated drama school. If you have an opportunity to walk the halls do remind yourself of that various Tinseltown drama shown on TV. Everyone looks so busy trying to look busy while the heroes that really does all the hard work are mostly backstage. You never know...perhaps the young chap serving the MPs coffee knows more about governance more than those who should know it like the very bottoms of the coffee cups they are sipping from.

29 May, 2008

Tsk tsk tsk...Takmau Kalah.

I admire the opposition for their relentless efforts to so called prove a point. The block vote was one interesting thing. Someone just told me that for the fact that the PM and DPM rushed into the hall just to give their votes and then leave to tend to other matters just goes to show that the slim margined government is indeed scared.

On the other hand numbers are numbers and yeah....the results showed it. But I would like to question one thing. Did everyone who voted understand what were they voting for? Perhaps it is just a show of hands for the sake of showing hands so that one side states that they are in power.

I can't really grasp the idea that once the vote was called those outside nicely chilling with their coffee or tea and having light moments outside came rushing in with their hands up. Haahaahaa...that is totally hilarious. If food or and drinks are allowed into the house I would figure that they will raise their hands while sipping Kopi Hang Tuah.

I guess better luck next time Pakatan Rakyat and bravo BN for having more than enough people of yours mingling in the common areas outside. Owh....I hope all those who left their coffee or tea got back to them while it was still warm.

UM MPM- Affandy B. Sutrisno Tanjung

How could this person be a future leader? If it was UiTM I would not give a damn but UM?? A multi ethnic varsity? Preposterous~!

20 May, 2008

Party pooper and egg whipped.

Recent turn of events have raised my eyebrows a bit too quickly. I think I have mild facial cramps from the reaction of reading recent news on politics of my beloved country.

Firstly Tun M decides to leave UMNO after what can be said as a show of no confidence to the leadership of Pak Lah. Now this is a bizarre outcome simply because that it is Tun M himself who selected his replacement in the first place and after no more than 5 years he is showing a slight of hand that he is not confident that the man has chosen is capable.

I know human behavior is at best very vague and subjective but this is a bit ridiculous. I may not be a fan of Pak Lah but to entirely say that I am not confident is a step outside of what I assume to be good judgment. Contrary to popular belief may I add that the situations that Pak Lah is facing is way different then what Tun M had to go through when he was th PM.

It would be very narrow minded of Tun M to simply quit UMNO and hoping that many will follow suit. Besides, why should anyone follow someone who is no longer in control. Tun M should very well be content at achievements and legacy that he has left behind. Seriously, I think he has done what he could amicably well.

Pak Lah on the other hand is the ugly duckling as the pressure is certainly on him to at least match Tun M's credentials. However, I don't think Pak Lah wants at all to be like Tun M or anyone else. True, he keeps quiet most of the time and the many pictures of him shown sleeping once in awhile certainly states that he is indeed different.

His new cabinet has yet to prove it's worth and the ever rising costs of everything is not giving him any sweet dreams. The clock is ticking certainly and Pak Lah should be aware that his time is already on a pinch.

Tun M's resignation as UMNO party member should be just treated like a small kid going into a tantrum. Exactly what can he do outside of the party to change the party? NOTHING. It is a lesson well learned that once outside a system nothing can be done to amend it from the outside. The only thing is to fight it true and true. I think this is Tun M's Malay predicament. How devastating it is to his supporters? Only time will tell.

Lim Kit Siang could very well be a performer of a Chinese Opera. Being pelted with eggs is what normally happens when a stage show has gone bad. But he is no Broadway star. Just an old ex-party member. But I guess some thinks that his performance is so bad that it should be just cause to remember it for all eternity. Lucky enough the guy missed....twice. Good guy Lim Kit Siang says he'll forget about it.

17 May, 2008

Malaysian Artistes for Unity - Here In My Home


Verse 1:
Hold on brother [won’t you] hold on
The road’s long. We’re on stony ground
But I’m strong. You ain’t heavy

Verse 2:
Oh there’s a misspoken truth that lies
Colors don’t bind, oh no.
What do they know? They speak falsely.

Here in my home
I’ll tell you what its all about
There’s just one hope here in my heart
One Love undivided
That’s what it’s all about
Please won’t you fall in one by one by one with me?

Verse 3:
Push back sister [won’t you] push back?
Love won’t wait. Just keep pushing on.
Yes I’m strong. You ain’t heavy.

Verse 4:
Oh don’t you worry about that…
What we have the shadows can’t deny
Don’t you know it’s now or never?
Doo Doo… etc
- Words & Music Pete Teo 2008 – All Rights Reserved

Raps are by KLG Sqwad and Altimet.

Download the song here.

Varsity report should be made public.

Only one varsity is excellent? Even a government approved rating system fails to make our varsities look good. However just generalizing the results into 4 ratings is not that informative.

What irks me is that the full reports wont be made public. Uhhh...hello~ we should know what is our tax money doing for the higher education right? But anyway... I am however relieved to know that the smaller and newer varsities managed to get in the ranks. Who knows perhaps they would be able to beat the big guns and lead the higher education cause for this country.


07 May, 2008

Beaten around the bush and RPK is no idiot.

RPK was arrested and the charge was read to him not until late last night. Being haggled from one courthouse to the other in my opinion is simply a convenient game plan to tire RPK and break his spirits down. But is it that easy to bring down a man with so much supporters that if he runs for elections he might just beat the crap of even the political top guns? Seriously I don't think so.

Think of it this, with RPK in the government's clutches it is very much apparent that everyone will be paying more attention to the screw-ups. In other words the government is certainly handing an excavator instead of a shovel in digging it's own grave.

When will the morons learn that the pen (in this case keyboard) is mightier than the sword? This is not any normal civilian or even crook for that matter. This is RPK, a very highly respected individual that is capable of dismantling anything with just key strokes simply because his arguments are very hard to debate upon.

What can the most BN do? Ask some moron of theirs to spam Malaysia Today to oblivion? The fact of the matter is for RPK to be detained another 100 political bloggers will be behind the man and spread the word out through their own blogs. That would be even more devastating. For that fact is the public prosecutors can't make a case against RPK then you just have to let him go.

But being sore losers the government will use a bad law to so call hold patriotic men like RPK behind bars under a Draconian act. Do I support the release of those held under ISA? Yes I do. Do I support the abolishment of the ISA? Hell yeah I certainly do. Should the government listen to the peoples? Definitely. But do they? Not in a million years...not for this matter.

Live telecast of half an hour of Parliament

Indeed it costs a lot to telecast the full one and a half hour proceedings of parliament. But what does the half an hour now costs us in terms of everything else other than RM? I see that it is somewhat beneficial to have the broadcast. However I also question is this appropriate for the masses?

Seeing a bunch of grown ups tongue lashing is certainly not appropriate for those under the legal age of 18. Still it is a good thing since the MPs know they are under the watchful eye of the public for half an hour means they have to behave for at least half an hour. I say that is better than nothing at all.

The trial phase will be carried on for a couple of weeks which after that a decision will be made to keep the telecast or axe it. If and only if the public gives a good enough response to it and the MPs agree, we will keep watching at lest half an hour worth of how the Executive function.

May I suggest for an award for each day on the best well behaved speaker and also those who speaks BM most fluently. Just like football matches that have Man of the match award. Perhaps it would be more entertaining wouldn't it? I'll be laughing my hats off if it ever happens. It would certainly be the best reality show Malaysians has ever seen. Owh hang on there a minute...isn't it already is?

05 May, 2008

The extra documents for women traveling alone nonsense.

Have you watched a documentary titled Cocaine Cowboys? You should, or at least the government should look into it. The tactics used in the 70's Miami Drug Trafficking scene was so low tech even during then that it took a good 20 years till the law could get a hold and douse the thing.

The idea of having women traveling alone need to have extra documents to permit them to travel is seriously such a degrading thing. Why? Are men not just dumb enough to travel and be dropping drugs around the world? Please lah, I have to agree with the many women rights activists that is really a sexist bullshit.

Then what? The smuggling ring can always get other people to carry it for them and not only just single passengers. What about whole families on vacation? They will miss the loop entirely? Lets say if I am smuggling drugs and I know that single women are under the watchful eye at airports then why not I pay a whole family vacation just to get them smuggle the shit in for me? A family of four who are not suspected to carry the dope can easily smuggle a good amount of kilos of coke or heroin.

So the letter thing is just such a hopeless idea. Does not solve the whole problem anyway. The first problem that we have in this country about drugs is that the law enforcement and customs are so bad in catching these culprits even before they board the plane at KLIA. That is why there are many Malaysians that are duped to fly and in the end get caught at the customs gate at the other side.

Funny just how narrow minded ministers can be and above all else have no respect for this nation's women population. Owh wait.....it is not to different from that "Bocor" issue sometime back. Tsk tsk tsk...They never do learn do they?

03 May, 2008

Rice: Lifeline of the nation.

For this week what is the most worrying is not the new parliament or the fact that Tun M started blogging. Not even the politics in this country can surpass what can be said as the only source of staple food price hike scare. Yes, politics is mostly over rated more often than what most politicians like to admit. However, in all that drama it is best to put it aside for one thing. RICE.

Instead of the dumb debate in parliament on why one side gets more chance to ask questions than the rest it would be best to seriously solve the increasing price of rice. Besides it feeds the whole bloody parliament anyway. Less time bickering please and start finding solutions.