07 May, 2008

Beaten around the bush and RPK is no idiot.

RPK was arrested and the charge was read to him not until late last night. Being haggled from one courthouse to the other in my opinion is simply a convenient game plan to tire RPK and break his spirits down. But is it that easy to bring down a man with so much supporters that if he runs for elections he might just beat the crap of even the political top guns? Seriously I don't think so.

Think of it this, with RPK in the government's clutches it is very much apparent that everyone will be paying more attention to the screw-ups. In other words the government is certainly handing an excavator instead of a shovel in digging it's own grave.

When will the morons learn that the pen (in this case keyboard) is mightier than the sword? This is not any normal civilian or even crook for that matter. This is RPK, a very highly respected individual that is capable of dismantling anything with just key strokes simply because his arguments are very hard to debate upon.

What can the most BN do? Ask some moron of theirs to spam Malaysia Today to oblivion? The fact of the matter is for RPK to be detained another 100 political bloggers will be behind the man and spread the word out through their own blogs. That would be even more devastating. For that fact is the public prosecutors can't make a case against RPK then you just have to let him go.

But being sore losers the government will use a bad law to so call hold patriotic men like RPK behind bars under a Draconian act. Do I support the release of those held under ISA? Yes I do. Do I support the abolishment of the ISA? Hell yeah I certainly do. Should the government listen to the peoples? Definitely. But do they? Not in a million years...not for this matter.


rational thinker said...

i am with you on this. to hell with repressioN!

Trashed said...

The people in the current govt still have not figured out how to do battle on the Internet.

What is so hard to learn? If RPK has something contentious, by all means refute them on the Internet via his blog or your own. Transperency is the key. Or is there something to hide?