05 May, 2008

The extra documents for women traveling alone nonsense.

Have you watched a documentary titled Cocaine Cowboys? You should, or at least the government should look into it. The tactics used in the 70's Miami Drug Trafficking scene was so low tech even during then that it took a good 20 years till the law could get a hold and douse the thing.

The idea of having women traveling alone need to have extra documents to permit them to travel is seriously such a degrading thing. Why? Are men not just dumb enough to travel and be dropping drugs around the world? Please lah, I have to agree with the many women rights activists that is really a sexist bullshit.

Then what? The smuggling ring can always get other people to carry it for them and not only just single passengers. What about whole families on vacation? They will miss the loop entirely? Lets say if I am smuggling drugs and I know that single women are under the watchful eye at airports then why not I pay a whole family vacation just to get them smuggle the shit in for me? A family of four who are not suspected to carry the dope can easily smuggle a good amount of kilos of coke or heroin.

So the letter thing is just such a hopeless idea. Does not solve the whole problem anyway. The first problem that we have in this country about drugs is that the law enforcement and customs are so bad in catching these culprits even before they board the plane at KLIA. That is why there are many Malaysians that are duped to fly and in the end get caught at the customs gate at the other side.

Funny just how narrow minded ministers can be and above all else have no respect for this nation's women population. Owh wait.....it is not to different from that "Bocor" issue sometime back. Tsk tsk tsk...They never do learn do they?

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