07 May, 2008

Live telecast of half an hour of Parliament

Indeed it costs a lot to telecast the full one and a half hour proceedings of parliament. But what does the half an hour now costs us in terms of everything else other than RM? I see that it is somewhat beneficial to have the broadcast. However I also question is this appropriate for the masses?

Seeing a bunch of grown ups tongue lashing is certainly not appropriate for those under the legal age of 18. Still it is a good thing since the MPs know they are under the watchful eye of the public for half an hour means they have to behave for at least half an hour. I say that is better than nothing at all.

The trial phase will be carried on for a couple of weeks which after that a decision will be made to keep the telecast or axe it. If and only if the public gives a good enough response to it and the MPs agree, we will keep watching at lest half an hour worth of how the Executive function.

May I suggest for an award for each day on the best well behaved speaker and also those who speaks BM most fluently. Just like football matches that have Man of the match award. Perhaps it would be more entertaining wouldn't it? I'll be laughing my hats off if it ever happens. It would certainly be the best reality show Malaysians has ever seen. Owh hang on there a minute...isn't it already is?

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