20 May, 2008

Party pooper and egg whipped.

Recent turn of events have raised my eyebrows a bit too quickly. I think I have mild facial cramps from the reaction of reading recent news on politics of my beloved country.

Firstly Tun M decides to leave UMNO after what can be said as a show of no confidence to the leadership of Pak Lah. Now this is a bizarre outcome simply because that it is Tun M himself who selected his replacement in the first place and after no more than 5 years he is showing a slight of hand that he is not confident that the man has chosen is capable.

I know human behavior is at best very vague and subjective but this is a bit ridiculous. I may not be a fan of Pak Lah but to entirely say that I am not confident is a step outside of what I assume to be good judgment. Contrary to popular belief may I add that the situations that Pak Lah is facing is way different then what Tun M had to go through when he was th PM.

It would be very narrow minded of Tun M to simply quit UMNO and hoping that many will follow suit. Besides, why should anyone follow someone who is no longer in control. Tun M should very well be content at achievements and legacy that he has left behind. Seriously, I think he has done what he could amicably well.

Pak Lah on the other hand is the ugly duckling as the pressure is certainly on him to at least match Tun M's credentials. However, I don't think Pak Lah wants at all to be like Tun M or anyone else. True, he keeps quiet most of the time and the many pictures of him shown sleeping once in awhile certainly states that he is indeed different.

His new cabinet has yet to prove it's worth and the ever rising costs of everything is not giving him any sweet dreams. The clock is ticking certainly and Pak Lah should be aware that his time is already on a pinch.

Tun M's resignation as UMNO party member should be just treated like a small kid going into a tantrum. Exactly what can he do outside of the party to change the party? NOTHING. It is a lesson well learned that once outside a system nothing can be done to amend it from the outside. The only thing is to fight it true and true. I think this is Tun M's Malay predicament. How devastating it is to his supporters? Only time will tell.

Lim Kit Siang could very well be a performer of a Chinese Opera. Being pelted with eggs is what normally happens when a stage show has gone bad. But he is no Broadway star. Just an old ex-party member. But I guess some thinks that his performance is so bad that it should be just cause to remember it for all eternity. Lucky enough the guy missed....twice. Good guy Lim Kit Siang says he'll forget about it.

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