29 May, 2008

Tsk tsk tsk...Takmau Kalah.

I admire the opposition for their relentless efforts to so called prove a point. The block vote was one interesting thing. Someone just told me that for the fact that the PM and DPM rushed into the hall just to give their votes and then leave to tend to other matters just goes to show that the slim margined government is indeed scared.

On the other hand numbers are numbers and yeah....the results showed it. But I would like to question one thing. Did everyone who voted understand what were they voting for? Perhaps it is just a show of hands for the sake of showing hands so that one side states that they are in power.

I can't really grasp the idea that once the vote was called those outside nicely chilling with their coffee or tea and having light moments outside came rushing in with their hands up. Haahaahaa...that is totally hilarious. If food or and drinks are allowed into the house I would figure that they will raise their hands while sipping Kopi Hang Tuah.

I guess better luck next time Pakatan Rakyat and bravo BN for having more than enough people of yours mingling in the common areas outside. Owh....I hope all those who left their coffee or tea got back to them while it was still warm.

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LC Teh said...

Kopi Hang Tuah...haha. I like that. They stir it with a keris?