30 May, 2008

Wayang Kulit of Malaysian Politics

Could it be possible that the long standing power of BN be stomped and ousted? May it be the predicament of Malaysians to tolerate the many issues that plague the system and mentality? Exactly how long need it be for the people to really come in power? From all this it is somehow petty that the tussle is always about who is in and who is out. But have we ever wondered that just for once that this tirade be stopped for more pressing issues concerning the well being of us all?

The house of power has slowly become akin to a reality TV show. If it was to be during the 50's it would be very well known to be a "Wayang Pacak" that the whole village will congregate for the stupendous occasion. Simply because it is a rare sight and not at all about the quality.

We have quite a few strong characters. Just like a TV soap whereby even a dead character may come to life and effect the storyline. We have the silent one, a wolf in sheep's clothing, the reckless maverick, the war veteran and many more tiny characters that make up a multi faceted cast. The locations too are well chosen but mainly revolves around a studio set @ the parliament house. Not to disrespect the house but just look what is exhibited day in and day out.

There is a fine cafe which dishes out fine tea and local coffee. Fabulous lounge with nice velvety upholstery. Toilets clean enough to even eat your lunch without feeling disgusted owh...and not forgetting the picturesque driveway up to the famed hall. Sounds very Bollywood if not Hollywood ain't it?

But yeah no matter how upmarket it all looks it is really all like "Wayang Kulit" where there are new skin versus old wrinkled skin. The skilled multi award winning actors against those who just graduated drama school. If you have an opportunity to walk the halls do remind yourself of that various Tinseltown drama shown on TV. Everyone looks so busy trying to look busy while the heroes that really does all the hard work are mostly backstage. You never know...perhaps the young chap serving the MPs coffee knows more about governance more than those who should know it like the very bottoms of the coffee cups they are sipping from.

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