24 June, 2008

Shooting stars don't happen in the Dewan Rakyat.

No vote of No Confidence. Anti Inflation move gets the nod all from a simple show of hands. It does not get any fairer than that. However, I must say that the opposition are back to their childish ways. Wishing that the current BN government be overthrown is nothing more than a wish.

"Some opposition MPs had hinted that a division could be turned into a confidence vote with the help of dissident BN members, including the two from the SAPP."

Naturally it didn't happen. Perhaps these members got a friendly visit from someone higher up or maybe they chickened out last minute. Whatever happens in between the sessions or after it is anyone's guess. My best assumption is that someone with a bigger anvil and hammer thumbed their presence clearly.

19 June, 2008

Double Cross? No... I don't think so

How could the papers say that Yong Teck Lee is double crossing? What he is simply doing is showing that he has no confidence in the sloth speed of Pak Lah. Now is that wrong to show that someone has no confidence in the leadership? Politics has a very peculiar way but Malaysian politics is the most peculiar yet.

It's the Malay dilemma that has spread to the other races to a certain extent that has somehow closed the thoughts and minds for a fair leadership. If there was ever a call for another election instead of this party thing and the people can choose who will be their next PM I will most certainly not choose Pak Lah, or Najib or even for a far fetched thought the son in law.

But the system is such a way that the people themselves can't choose who to head to country. Which is a pity and for democracy to be manipulated this way is entirely a shame.

Who want a one way ticket out of the country? I bet a lot of people does.

13 June, 2008

2nd job to meet rising costs?

Yeap...and this man, Senator Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz. said it. Somehow I agree nor disagree with him. But on what grounds do people decide on taking a second job? I figure that to some extent people can benefit but it will be a split opinion.

In Europe taking a second job is very common. One can work as a waiter in the day and at a 7-11 at night. But what sort of impact does it leave on those who has kids? The family institution is a critical point of view.

If many do take up 2 jobs in a day will it effect family ties? Could it be possible that there will be more social problems involving children and youths? For the ones that is suppose to be there for them is never there. Too occupied paying bills so it seems.

It might solve the income problem but over prolonged periods having 2 jobs is simply not the proper solution for families to live with. I fear that the very same reason why the job was taken in the first place would just crumble under pressure from lack of guidance and quality time spent with the young.

06 June, 2008

A bit of poetry on Petrol

Yes certainly a lot of people is pissed. The amount of spam I get in my e-mail on petrol alone could amount to the traffic jam at your local gas station when the hike was announced. But I sense in times as dear as this sense of humor does go a long way and owh boy did I got a huge laugh out of it.

I do not know who is the author but I figure he could be from one of the northern states... anyway just enjoy this witty pantun;

Ari nie tah hari berapa Pak Lah jadi PM kami
Memang dari dulu kami sokong sampai lani
Tapi hari nie, buka mata, senak perut anak bini
Tengok Pak Lah habag minyak naik lagi

Memang kami tak tau pasai ekonomi
Yang tau semua Pak Lah ngan kroni
Tapi sampai bila nak jadi lagu nie
Dapat gaji habis tak berbaki

Pak Lah habag tak boleh buat apa
Nie semua ekonomi dunia
Kalau tak naik nanti dunia kata apa
Habis tu yang rakyat dok menderita, tak pa ka

Dulu Pak Lah kata nak jaga rakyat
Kunun Pak lah nak kerja sama sama dengan rakyat
Nie dok nampak macam nak telan kederat
Dok nampak kami yang nak melarat

Pak Lah kata masalah rakyat nak ambik berat
Kunun tak mau tengok rakyat hidup melarat
Tapi kalau macam nie punya sarat
Darah rakyat pun boleh sejat

Kerajaan ada kata rakyat manja subsidi
Kunun asyik kerajaan saja dok bagi
Sapa kata kami rakyat tak pernah bagi
Tu...yang lima tahun sekali tu....sapa bagi??

Tiap kali naik harga, dok banding sini sana
Hampa tengok, kat Thailand lagi mahai dari kita
Apa jenis depa punya kira
Awat tak ikut pulak Brunai punya harga

Brunai tak leh kira
depa punya minyak berlambak tak terkira
Awat, minyak Malaysia tak dak harga ka?
kalau tidak, tak kan jual minyak kita beli minyak depa

Ada Petronas pun tak leh buat apa
Ada duit sikit, dah nak mengada
Pi buat segala menara pagoda kembaq dua
Nak tunjuk, kami la kaya

Petronas kata kami tak tau apa
Kerajaan yang buat kira bicara
Kami ikut apa depa kata
Royalti jadi ehsan pun kami tak leh kata apa

Kunun dok habag petronas hak rakyat semua
Pakailah minyak petronas, nanti untung dapat kat kita
Nie, nak tanya la....tiap tahun untung beribu juta
Rakyat dapat apa ????? kudis buta....

Hari nie petrol naik, tahan la lagi
Tengok pulak apa cerita esok pagi
Habis ikan, ayam, cabai sampai ke cili
depa pun sama tumbas naik sekali

Nanti ada la menteri tolong bercakap
Sapa naik harga dia nak pi tangkap
Sampai bila la dia nie nak ubah sikap
Ingat yang dok meniaga kat market tu heran kot dia punya cakap

Pak Lah mau renung nasib kami
Kais hari nie makan untuk kemarin pagi
Anak kecik pun dok ada lagi
Boleh hidup ka kami lagu nie

Dah tak larat nak tanggung cukai
Sini cukai, sana cukai
Dari tanah sampai ke pintu punya ada cukai
Dah sampai masa kot Pak Lah kena guna akai

Jangan dok ingat rakyat macam Pak Lah
Gaji berpuluh ribu hidup tak susah
Ada anak pulak bisnes sebelah sebelah
Dapat tender pun tak payah susah susah

Kami rakyat bukan macam tu
Malah la nie pun dah ada rebus siput babi dgan batu
Sedih sungguh ohhhh negara ku
Biar tak merdeka terus pun tak la kalau lagu tu

Dah sampai masa Pak Lah ingat
Selesai masalah rakyat cepat cepat
Nanti kot rakyat naik meluat
satu undi pun Pak Lah tak dapat

Cukup la sampai di sini
Tobat dah...aku tak mengundi BN kali nie
Parti Barang Naik pulak kot jadi depa lani
Kot ada sapa nak Barang Naik lagi undi la depa lagi...

04 June, 2008

At 12am let nature take it's course.

The day went along almost uninterrupted until the news was official that pump prices of the world's number one commodity is going up. Honestly I am not surprised and I cant say that I am happy nor sad.

It is a double edge sword this thing you call subsidies. I would rather take the side that slices faster and smoother rather than the one that is jagged and rusty. As you know blood and rust do not go along really well.

Around the blogs and everywhere else for that matter the public is split into 2 groups. One is bitching about the government while the other somewhat understands the poison of prolonged subsidies.

It is obvious that short to medium term the effects of the price hike is very painful to swallow. Just think what it does long term. I feel that to some extent it will spur a more aggressive approach. This is especially true for energy conservation. The green house issue might very well be tackled seriously this time around.

We would be more cautious when it comes to spending. Let me say it out loud... those who tries to sell products of low quality will just curl and die. The people now will truly know the term stretching their RM worth.

Owh, and I do hope we be more charitable to those who are in need in this country. There is no point really donating to foreigners if our own relatives is starving next door. As of now....all I can do is give double the effort in whatever I do and ensure that I am at the tip of the competitive edge. No one wants a rusty blade.

01 June, 2008

For petrol and diesel with love.

Why is it just so hard to understand? Our government gives subsidies just for us the people of Malaysia. The mad rush of Thais to fill-up I read in the news simply goes to show that we have been wee bit too generous and gullible to our neighbours. So after all these bloody years it is definitely prime for the "looting" to stop.

I am sorry my dear Thai friends, but for what your government is incapable of doing simply goes to show that it is entirely your fault to vote for them in the first place. However there is no mistake that those of us Malaysians that took the opportunity to do an act of treason in selling our supply to our amiable neighbours should be very ashamed and once caught they should be banished from this country indefinitely.

However here is the thing, those living at the borders on both sides have been have been doing so like they are family. No doubt at the border to Thailand it can be said that it is pretty much border less. We can't be too cruel and the communities on both sides are pretty much dependent on one another to survive. It is a very delicate situation.

However to satisfy everyone's request is near impossible. But the priority has to be for the rakyat in the first place and no one else. Lets all just hope that that the revised prices (that is inevitable) will distribute the burden proportionately and fairly. Lets be honest here for those earning RM2500 and below it would be extremely difficult to accommodate to prices beyond RM2.00 per liter for petrol. While those earning more than that would cause a significant dent on the value of their Ringgit.