13 June, 2008

2nd job to meet rising costs?

Yeap...and this man, Senator Tan Sri Amirsham A. Aziz. said it. Somehow I agree nor disagree with him. But on what grounds do people decide on taking a second job? I figure that to some extent people can benefit but it will be a split opinion.

In Europe taking a second job is very common. One can work as a waiter in the day and at a 7-11 at night. But what sort of impact does it leave on those who has kids? The family institution is a critical point of view.

If many do take up 2 jobs in a day will it effect family ties? Could it be possible that there will be more social problems involving children and youths? For the ones that is suppose to be there for them is never there. Too occupied paying bills so it seems.

It might solve the income problem but over prolonged periods having 2 jobs is simply not the proper solution for families to live with. I fear that the very same reason why the job was taken in the first place would just crumble under pressure from lack of guidance and quality time spent with the young.

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