04 June, 2008

At 12am let nature take it's course.

The day went along almost uninterrupted until the news was official that pump prices of the world's number one commodity is going up. Honestly I am not surprised and I cant say that I am happy nor sad.

It is a double edge sword this thing you call subsidies. I would rather take the side that slices faster and smoother rather than the one that is jagged and rusty. As you know blood and rust do not go along really well.

Around the blogs and everywhere else for that matter the public is split into 2 groups. One is bitching about the government while the other somewhat understands the poison of prolonged subsidies.

It is obvious that short to medium term the effects of the price hike is very painful to swallow. Just think what it does long term. I feel that to some extent it will spur a more aggressive approach. This is especially true for energy conservation. The green house issue might very well be tackled seriously this time around.

We would be more cautious when it comes to spending. Let me say it out loud... those who tries to sell products of low quality will just curl and die. The people now will truly know the term stretching their RM worth.

Owh, and I do hope we be more charitable to those who are in need in this country. There is no point really donating to foreigners if our own relatives is starving next door. As of now....all I can do is give double the effort in whatever I do and ensure that I am at the tip of the competitive edge. No one wants a rusty blade.

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zewt said...

to me, it's a good move.