19 June, 2008

Double Cross? No... I don't think so

How could the papers say that Yong Teck Lee is double crossing? What he is simply doing is showing that he has no confidence in the sloth speed of Pak Lah. Now is that wrong to show that someone has no confidence in the leadership? Politics has a very peculiar way but Malaysian politics is the most peculiar yet.

It's the Malay dilemma that has spread to the other races to a certain extent that has somehow closed the thoughts and minds for a fair leadership. If there was ever a call for another election instead of this party thing and the people can choose who will be their next PM I will most certainly not choose Pak Lah, or Najib or even for a far fetched thought the son in law.

But the system is such a way that the people themselves can't choose who to head to country. Which is a pity and for democracy to be manipulated this way is entirely a shame.

Who want a one way ticket out of the country? I bet a lot of people does.


Anonymous said...

Yong and the oppositions think a BISEXUAL SEX SADIST MAIN DEPAN & BELAKANG Anwar will be a better PM than Pak Lah. They all support Anwar. Gays and Lesbian are already celebrating. LONG LIVE ANWAR.

Anonymous said...

The real double cross is AAB and his people. Not just to their party and people, but the biggest sin is to themselves