01 June, 2008

For petrol and diesel with love.

Why is it just so hard to understand? Our government gives subsidies just for us the people of Malaysia. The mad rush of Thais to fill-up I read in the news simply goes to show that we have been wee bit too generous and gullible to our neighbours. So after all these bloody years it is definitely prime for the "looting" to stop.

I am sorry my dear Thai friends, but for what your government is incapable of doing simply goes to show that it is entirely your fault to vote for them in the first place. However there is no mistake that those of us Malaysians that took the opportunity to do an act of treason in selling our supply to our amiable neighbours should be very ashamed and once caught they should be banished from this country indefinitely.

However here is the thing, those living at the borders on both sides have been have been doing so like they are family. No doubt at the border to Thailand it can be said that it is pretty much border less. We can't be too cruel and the communities on both sides are pretty much dependent on one another to survive. It is a very delicate situation.

However to satisfy everyone's request is near impossible. But the priority has to be for the rakyat in the first place and no one else. Lets all just hope that that the revised prices (that is inevitable) will distribute the burden proportionately and fairly. Lets be honest here for those earning RM2500 and below it would be extremely difficult to accommodate to prices beyond RM2.00 per liter for petrol. While those earning more than that would cause a significant dent on the value of their Ringgit.

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