29 July, 2008

I have a question for RPK. What makes you tick?

There it spreads in the news RPK gets a lawsuit....he gets arrested.... he gets this and that. For someone who is not an artist / celebrity / politician he sure commands a big pie of the limelight. His background is simply sound... of royal blood and no one questions that. However I do have a question. How does he know everything?

He does bribe people to give him information. That is clearly one way he gets around... in fact he does state it clearly in numerous posts that he does "pay" for the information. But my question is what is his stand in the whole thing? What is he finding for in exposing all the blunders and conspiracies?

I do admire him in the way he has the drive and balls to do what he does without fail. Throw him a million lawsuits I bet he stills pulls through. However it must be said I don't think everything he writes is clearly true. His writing is flawless. The style in which he writes commands someone to really believe what he writes. That is a fine skill...I wish I have that.

Seriously.... I really want to know. What makes him tick.... if there is one influential person that we would love to vote for in the General Elections but can't I think it would most probably be him. When this man is no longer around I do think his blog will be worth a fortune. Someone will inherit it and either continue (it wont be the same again) or bring it down and publish RPK's articles in a book. I know he does not need it but I bet you it will be a bestseller.

28 July, 2008

Doctor goes into hiding. Police kicking themselves in the ass.

I applaud the doctors in Malaysia who took their oath when they took up the job and kept it. Under any circumstances a doctor should not fabricate or lie in their medical reports of their patients. Not even for the government for that matter.
Anwar should very well be released of the allegations of sodomy against some idiot. The bigger idiot is definitely those who wants to frame Anwar of offenses that he did not commit. It simply goes to show that justice do not pick sides.

Now can the bloody government move on to something else that is more important rather than snooping up people's asses?
Read the article by RPK here.

AUKU to be revamped. Sure kah?

Image taken from NST.

Why is that these kinds of news tend to put people's hopes up before it materializes? Well, it is simply to give hope. So until it comes to fruit cop and signed I shall not put my hopes too high or be any happier. However it will come to many as a good sign...or perhaps it will just be flagged down with flak cannons by those idiots in parliament and all will be back to square one.

Khaled Nordin better see to it that it won't come to that. Otherwise we'll all know what varsity students will think of him. As for me on the other hand.... perhaps he does want to bring a difference. So let the amendments be passed as we do not need such stupid laws interefere with so many potentially great minds in our time.

Read the article here.

25 July, 2008

To German or not to German. Proton is in the question.

It is definitely amusing to once again see the debate between excos of states on which car is best used by officials in terms of running costs and maintenance. It has come to a point that I sincerely suspect that some are using it as cheap brownie points to defend the National Car maker headliner.

However, I do see the sense of how expensive it is to maintain both makes of cars. Firstly I think all of them have failed to consider the circumstances of which the cars are used. It definitely boils down to how the cars are maintained and driven everyday.

Perdanas are notorious for it's auto box failure. However it is only because of the wear and tear of use. I certainly do not see it as a major problem considering what to expect from a car hat is essentially running with 20 years old bought over Japanese technology. Also it is a very well known fact that Japan keeps the best technology they have to themselves first. So essentially we get archaic contraptions for the millions paid for the rights to use them in our National Vehicles.

The German make on the other hand has never really had a fault in their quality since god knows when. True that it is used as taxis in EU countries but it simply shows that how tough wearing the Germans have engineered their cars. Face it.... even the most exclusive makes can be turned into taxis at a price. So to Jamsari Jamuliddin...nice effort in trying to score brownie points.

Basically, maintenance costs can be minimized by first observing good driving techniques. Even tanks driven badly wont last as long as an old Perdana. As per the claim that Benz are the better choice I think half of it is bollocks. Do not change cars until you have educated your drivers to drive better. Like all of us don't know that chauffeurs treat the cars during off duty like maniacs sometimes. Blame man not the machine please.

23 July, 2008

My dear Malaysians... The clowns are upon us.

We are being made into the butt of all jokes. By who else but the very people we have entrusted (by elections) to keep our piece of mind intact. The current state of economy of this country is a joke.

Once upon a time inflation too was said to be the enemy. However we did not suffer as much then. In fact inflation at the time was somehow very much unnoticed. The times when petrol per liter costs RM1.50... there was inflation then. There was war in some part of the world and the commodity that was fought for was indeed petroleum.

Still why is it different from now? Simply put.... the opportunist are getting smarter and smarter. How convenient is it that for more or less a month back the increased oil prices were announced then now we have launches of alternative fuel products by you know who.

How convenient is it that barely a year that the civil servants got their much awaited raise they got bludgeoned down with increased oil prices and ever rising food costs. Also how come all the sudden with the price hike it is announced that gas station franchises gets increased commissions? Why? All these years of service does not warrant them a good reason to get better percentage?

Somehow someone had it all planned. Because it is not as easy as predicting the weather now is it? Just when Anwar is released and becomes active in politics again he is slapped on a storyline that is not that much different than the last one he was convicted and sent to the slammer. Now after one court case to another what is it in for us Malaysians?

NOTHING. While all the schemes are put into place and will be set off like precision Swiss engineering of a watch we shall be suffering. Lets face it..... if we ditch what we have as a government now its like being saved from the lion's mouth and being caught as a crocodile's tooth pick.

The hero that once was is not seen as the villain.... while the natural villain makes us believe that the hero is not all that good anyway. So....which is your bet now? To be the butt of all jokes or be the butt that gets stuffed with an old plot that will sink into the teeth of some capitalists?

Thanks to the Dark Knight.... I clearly understand the predicament we have put ourselves into. We had the chance to change it... but we didn't make good use of it. Now we do an Akon and put the blame on us. Simply because we know we are certainly not the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

22 July, 2008

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan: The victim of Anwar's anal inspiration?

Wow...he is willing to swear. But....only once the police have concluded their investigations. Why? I would not bother about that. However for a "man" who is not homosexually inclined he should have at least fought back to not let Anwar do what he reportedly did.

From what I can see the fella does not seem to be a retard or like someone who could not take care of his anus. Unless he was taking "care" of it in the first place. It should be common sense and a reflex reaction when someone tries to penetrate you without your consent that you will fight back. But no....Mr. Saiful here apparently was not able to stop what he had coming from the rear.

I find it really odd.... really very odd. I may speculate many things here. Especially to the fact that he allowed it to happen first. But well.... you know Malaysia and it's bunch of hocus pocus beliefs. Maybe Anwar chanted him into a trance or some shit like that.

Whatever lahhh....seriously I think this whole thing is bullshit and I shall not bank my money on either side.

17 July, 2008

I think Anwar just kena pau.

He was arrested and told to spend the night in jail. It is not that a horrible thing since he spent sometime not too long time ago. Now he is out on bail....which I think is somewhat along the lines of extortion. Bare in mind that he was arrested without a warrant (unless I must be sorely mistaken, but I have not read it in any news report thus far).

So he was told to take a DNA test. Lets face it.... government labs are not top notch or even have enough credibility to vouch that samples would not ever be tainted. Even if they are not the report can somewhat be botched knowing the certain depth of power by certain amount of people.

Now, IMHO it is very right for Anwar to not give samples for DNA testing to some local lab. He could very well suggest a lab that is none partisan and out of the country. On top of that he could also have 2 labs do the test at the same time. One lab is chosen by the powers that be and another off shore. The results should come back the same anyway if everyone does their job right.

By the way...since we are in the topic of our local police force. This one I found out from an email sent to me by a friend. Apparently police who tease on the idea of bribery actually get brownie points if they report a "successful" bribe. It has got something to do with their KPI which in turn influence their increment and career advancement. So citizens of Malaysia....let practice to do this together...if a cop comes to you and "suggest" a way to settle your offense off the record tell him sincerely to FUCK OFF and write that piece of summon.

As for Anwar.... I seriously think he is forced to get on another ride created by the powers that be. Sodomy huh? Second time around? For heaven and earth sake.....can't the powers that be be anymore creative?

16 July, 2008

Anwar was stopped at junction and got arrested.

What the HELL? Can't the dumb ass cops be anymore courteous? For whatever reason it may be they could have just escorted the man all the way to the police station. All this for the charge of Section 377C of the Penal Code which relates to 'carnal intercourse against the order of nature'.

If it is true Anwar had until 2pm to show up why the popo being idiots as they always are can't read their watch and arrested Anwar at 1:10pm? Without producing a warrant of arrest~! That is a whole 50 minutes and a team wearing bullet proof vests? What for? Scared that Anwar might penetrate them? Ubsurd....totally ubsurd.

What is not a political conspiracy in this country? Now that is the right question to ask.

Anwar's bent on sinking Najib.

Anwar is on a bitter rampage. It shows in his speeches that he is full of it. Anger should very well be his middle name by the looks of it. Not enough that he confidently claims that PKR will take over the reign of the country by September he also wants to sink Najib as well.

Apparently Anwar seems to know a bit too much about "Tepi kain orang" (other people's business). PKR's newspaper published on it's front page a couple of days ago that Altantunya was seeking commission from the Submarine deal. How far is that true Anwar? I really wonder.

The fact of the matter is if he really has the ammo to sink BN why not just go all out guns blazing? He seems so confident anyway. I am not supporting BN or Najib here but the approach seems to be too dramatic to be effective.

Again there is something fishy from the whole new backside case that Anwar was hit with. I wonder what is so tasty about banging asses and politics in this country. It is already a well known fact that everyone is shining someone's "head" at one point of another so isn't like everyone is guilty here?

Lets take the whole jingbang into consideration. Lets admit.... day by day the parliament seems to be more and more of a Broadway show. We have walkouts, mistaken hand gestures, motion on incompetent leadership, fuel and food prices has blown sky high. Where are we as Malaysians fit in all this? Smack right in the middle of the clashing titans.

So when everyone is trying to sink everyone else what happens? We the rakyat get sodomized true and true. Which is evidently shown when everyone gets to work late caused by the stupid cops manning roadblocks while smoking and text messaging on the mobile phones.

11 July, 2008

2010 is a power struggle. Pak Lah leaving nothing so to speak.

Clap* Clap* Clap*

Now Pak Lah has put a definite lid on his reign of the government. Is Najib wide eyed? Could Khairy wiggle his way to the top? Whichever way it may be I would not want to see these two ever become PM.

Pak Lah gave himself 2 years to do reforms. Essentially he would be known to be Mr. Cleaner. Picking up the mess that Tun M left behind either by accident or on purpose. Indeed it is not easy for a man to give up power just like that. But how come Pak Lah has numbered his years down to two? Why not 5? or even one? Must be some "gempak" exit strategy he has up his sleeves.

Whichever way it is I sincerely hope Najib will never be replacement same to Khairy and Hishamuddin and I really hope half the cabinet will be thrown out from the highest floor of their office blocks.I just wish the rakyat can vote for who to become the next PM.

10 July, 2008

Wan Azizah passes a motion.

NO. Not that kind of motion. Its a no confidence motion against Pak Lah. It is said that no voting in involved. It's more to make their voices heard. Indirectly meaning to stir up so eyebrows so that PKR get a wee bit more attention (Which I dont think they are lacking after that gathering in Kelana Jaya recently).

Drama, drama and more drama.... what next I wonder.

Read the full report here.

Skirting the issues.

It leaves me to ponder how bad the situation is right now. PKR seems in a disarray, PAS seems cross with their partner and BN is skirting a lot of issues. The missing PI Bala is a great distraction and so is the new sodomy charge against Anwar.

I am wondering when is everyone going to focus on the more important issues. Nothing is news worthy these days. The press should concentrate on what is important. Not on what happened to some tiny PI or someones ass being poked.

Is the government loosing focus? Or the fracas in parliament is taking too much a time that nothing is really getting solved. The people are unhappy and grumbling. The petrol and food price issue are the ones that should be dealt with ASAP. By the looks of things at the moment I am very confident that the people will have more hate towards the government and the opposition will capitalize on it and butter them up.

09 July, 2008

SAPP change of heart.

I wonder how many members does SAPP have. I bet a majority of them are pretty ashamed of the whole vote of no confidence thing. Now there is a change of heart. Suddenly they do not want to be used as a scapegoat if anything were to go terribly wrong.

The way I could see it that the they have a very shaky foundation. Somewhat a case of mouth acting much faster than the brain. A simple joke? OR a publicity stunt? I dunno. But their MP's better butter up BN if they want to be on the prosperous side.

PAS has no sense of entertainment and PKR picked the wrong band.

What a party it was last weekend. 10,000 people, one beaten up half stripping rocker. PAS clearly showed their lack of entertainment values and PKR has clearly shown their bad taste.

From what I have experienced, entertainment should entirely stay out of politics. Let it be known that certain quarters in PKR is trying very hard to get more youths to be on their side. But the approach is absolutely wrong and many will not bank in on their offers to perform for the badge they carry.

I highly advise the artistes to fully consider the gravity of participating in such events. Indie acts especially have to be really careful. Regardless of the amount of payment it is always best to avoid performing at Politically motivated events. Even UMNO or BN events for that matter.

As for Carburetor Dung~ I am not sorry for you.

02 July, 2008

Anwar and some backside.

What is it now? Another sodomy charge? Another conspiracy? Awww...eh wait....hasn't it always been about some conspiracy one way or the other? Let me see....is the government trying to divert the public's attention to a region of over exposure of Anwar's?

Somehow I think it is all drama and no substance. This kinds of stories should only be printed in the Sunday Tabloids. Yeah just like those where you read on some famous artist doing some liposuction or botox. Could we care less? I certainly can. I don't want to know who does who in the ass or in whatever regions that the human imagination can muster.

If it is all to waste the public's time then give it to the government. If it is to cover up some real news....give it to the government. If it is about to raise prices of petrol....good.... give it to the government. As for decent news? Zero.