11 July, 2008

2010 is a power struggle. Pak Lah leaving nothing so to speak.

Clap* Clap* Clap*

Now Pak Lah has put a definite lid on his reign of the government. Is Najib wide eyed? Could Khairy wiggle his way to the top? Whichever way it may be I would not want to see these two ever become PM.

Pak Lah gave himself 2 years to do reforms. Essentially he would be known to be Mr. Cleaner. Picking up the mess that Tun M left behind either by accident or on purpose. Indeed it is not easy for a man to give up power just like that. But how come Pak Lah has numbered his years down to two? Why not 5? or even one? Must be some "gempak" exit strategy he has up his sleeves.

Whichever way it is I sincerely hope Najib will never be replacement same to Khairy and Hishamuddin and I really hope half the cabinet will be thrown out from the highest floor of their office blocks.I just wish the rakyat can vote for who to become the next PM.

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