16 July, 2008

Anwar's bent on sinking Najib.

Anwar is on a bitter rampage. It shows in his speeches that he is full of it. Anger should very well be his middle name by the looks of it. Not enough that he confidently claims that PKR will take over the reign of the country by September he also wants to sink Najib as well.

Apparently Anwar seems to know a bit too much about "Tepi kain orang" (other people's business). PKR's newspaper published on it's front page a couple of days ago that Altantunya was seeking commission from the Submarine deal. How far is that true Anwar? I really wonder.

The fact of the matter is if he really has the ammo to sink BN why not just go all out guns blazing? He seems so confident anyway. I am not supporting BN or Najib here but the approach seems to be too dramatic to be effective.

Again there is something fishy from the whole new backside case that Anwar was hit with. I wonder what is so tasty about banging asses and politics in this country. It is already a well known fact that everyone is shining someone's "head" at one point of another so isn't like everyone is guilty here?

Lets take the whole jingbang into consideration. Lets admit.... day by day the parliament seems to be more and more of a Broadway show. We have walkouts, mistaken hand gestures, motion on incompetent leadership, fuel and food prices has blown sky high. Where are we as Malaysians fit in all this? Smack right in the middle of the clashing titans.

So when everyone is trying to sink everyone else what happens? We the rakyat get sodomized true and true. Which is evidently shown when everyone gets to work late caused by the stupid cops manning roadblocks while smoking and text messaging on the mobile phones.

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hyperX said...

I don't really care about politics. But when the government aren't doing what they suppose to do. I'm concern. And now, I'm waiting for the petrol price to be RM2.20. Why not giving a win win situation, say making it back to RM2.35?