28 July, 2008

AUKU to be revamped. Sure kah?

Image taken from NST.

Why is that these kinds of news tend to put people's hopes up before it materializes? Well, it is simply to give hope. So until it comes to fruit cop and signed I shall not put my hopes too high or be any happier. However it will come to many as a good sign...or perhaps it will just be flagged down with flak cannons by those idiots in parliament and all will be back to square one.

Khaled Nordin better see to it that it won't come to that. Otherwise we'll all know what varsity students will think of him. As for me on the other hand.... perhaps he does want to bring a difference. So let the amendments be passed as we do not need such stupid laws interefere with so many potentially great minds in our time.

Read the article here.

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