28 July, 2008

Doctor goes into hiding. Police kicking themselves in the ass.

I applaud the doctors in Malaysia who took their oath when they took up the job and kept it. Under any circumstances a doctor should not fabricate or lie in their medical reports of their patients. Not even for the government for that matter.
Anwar should very well be released of the allegations of sodomy against some idiot. The bigger idiot is definitely those who wants to frame Anwar of offenses that he did not commit. It simply goes to show that justice do not pick sides.

Now can the bloody government move on to something else that is more important rather than snooping up people's asses?
Read the article by RPK here.


Malaysia News Digest said...

Hahaha.... Shouldn't it be the Polis are kicking each other's ass

Malaysia Digest

masha2003 said...

I hate Politic bro better watch Astro Ceria then News..hi..hi..hi..just kidding