29 July, 2008

I have a question for RPK. What makes you tick?

There it spreads in the news RPK gets a lawsuit....he gets arrested.... he gets this and that. For someone who is not an artist / celebrity / politician he sure commands a big pie of the limelight. His background is simply sound... of royal blood and no one questions that. However I do have a question. How does he know everything?

He does bribe people to give him information. That is clearly one way he gets around... in fact he does state it clearly in numerous posts that he does "pay" for the information. But my question is what is his stand in the whole thing? What is he finding for in exposing all the blunders and conspiracies?

I do admire him in the way he has the drive and balls to do what he does without fail. Throw him a million lawsuits I bet he stills pulls through. However it must be said I don't think everything he writes is clearly true. His writing is flawless. The style in which he writes commands someone to really believe what he writes. That is a fine skill...I wish I have that.

Seriously.... I really want to know. What makes him tick.... if there is one influential person that we would love to vote for in the General Elections but can't I think it would most probably be him. When this man is no longer around I do think his blog will be worth a fortune. Someone will inherit it and either continue (it wont be the same again) or bring it down and publish RPK's articles in a book. I know he does not need it but I bet you it will be a bestseller.


WY Kam 甘永元 said...

i doubt he pays for information. he probably was part of the inner circles in his early years with all da umno politicians (including anwar). Then, after he left them, he has been writing stuff off the top of his head on MT. And with growing popularity, there will be more and more people offering "information" in order to get them published. :) some are credible, some are not, but often, all with some agenda.

tat's what i think ...

oOFooi said...

Regarding the information provided by RPK, I am not sure how reliable is but I do think all source provided, is up to us to draw the conclusion. I believe man is always man. We will never like God who knows everything.

abROcadabRO said...

Well, RPK is a man who commands respect from friends and foes alike.

He digs and digs for information, for he's the editor of a news portal. That's his job. He may have his crew of reporters as well as contributors.

But the beauty about him is his willingness to stand up for what he believes in - a quality which is clearly lacking in most people.

This guy has guts and balls. Nothing can deter him or puts him off - not even the PM-in-waiting and first lady-in-waiting, Najis & Rosma.

As a user or reader, you judge on your own whether or not his writings contain nothing else but the truth. Make your own judgement. Do you think all reports in the main media are truthfully reported and not distorted? Readers are very much influenced by media-frenzy. Think again.

RPK, I'm always for you.