17 July, 2008

I think Anwar just kena pau.

He was arrested and told to spend the night in jail. It is not that a horrible thing since he spent sometime not too long time ago. Now he is out on bail....which I think is somewhat along the lines of extortion. Bare in mind that he was arrested without a warrant (unless I must be sorely mistaken, but I have not read it in any news report thus far).

So he was told to take a DNA test. Lets face it.... government labs are not top notch or even have enough credibility to vouch that samples would not ever be tainted. Even if they are not the report can somewhat be botched knowing the certain depth of power by certain amount of people.

Now, IMHO it is very right for Anwar to not give samples for DNA testing to some local lab. He could very well suggest a lab that is none partisan and out of the country. On top of that he could also have 2 labs do the test at the same time. One lab is chosen by the powers that be and another off shore. The results should come back the same anyway if everyone does their job right.

By the way...since we are in the topic of our local police force. This one I found out from an email sent to me by a friend. Apparently police who tease on the idea of bribery actually get brownie points if they report a "successful" bribe. It has got something to do with their KPI which in turn influence their increment and career advancement. So citizens of Malaysia....let practice to do this together...if a cop comes to you and "suggest" a way to settle your offense off the record tell him sincerely to FUCK OFF and write that piece of summon.

As for Anwar.... I seriously think he is forced to get on another ride created by the powers that be. Sodomy huh? Second time around? For heaven and earth sake.....can't the powers that be be anymore creative?

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bisu said...

FYI, a warrant for his arrest was issued and served on him much earlier, that means the police can arrests him at any time and not wait for him to come to the police station.

You're right, it's not logical for the government to use the same ploy as the last time. What is more logical is that the last time was not a ploy, neither is this time a ploy and common sense will tell you that he might be a habitual offender.