22 July, 2008

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan: The victim of Anwar's anal inspiration?

Wow...he is willing to swear. But....only once the police have concluded their investigations. Why? I would not bother about that. However for a "man" who is not homosexually inclined he should have at least fought back to not let Anwar do what he reportedly did.

From what I can see the fella does not seem to be a retard or like someone who could not take care of his anus. Unless he was taking "care" of it in the first place. It should be common sense and a reflex reaction when someone tries to penetrate you without your consent that you will fight back. But no....Mr. Saiful here apparently was not able to stop what he had coming from the rear.

I find it really odd.... really very odd. I may speculate many things here. Especially to the fact that he allowed it to happen first. But well.... you know Malaysia and it's bunch of hocus pocus beliefs. Maybe Anwar chanted him into a trance or some shit like that.

Whatever lahhh....seriously I think this whole thing is bullshit and I shall not bank my money on either side.


hyperX said...

Do you think it's weird that a 60+ years old man who barely able to do exercise can do this kind of thing to a 20+ years old young man who looks stronger and healthier then him? Try to imagine the scenario, how could it happen unless that guy was not conscious.

DSN said...

Come on bro, anwar can convince a crowd of thousands to listen to his bullshit. Surely he can convince Saiful to let him bull the shit out of his anus...hahaha

two-face said...

But this Saiful guy really has big balls to make a police report when you doubted him. What about Anwar, he alleges a lot of things towards a lot of people i.e murder. Where's the police report from him.

Back to this Saiful guy, maybe because of his big balls that attracted the sodomist.

Anonymous said...

One things make me curious bout THIS Saiful guy..He Said he kena liwat beberapa kali..then..why in the first time kena liwat tak buat laporan polis..then why kena tunggu sekarang baru nak buat laporan polis. Ok la..take example..kalau Saiful nie tak nak buat laporan polis..Masa first time kena liwat tue..Kalau I la..I WILL do something to protect myself dari kena liwat,mcm pukul kepala anuar dgn pasu ke..what ever things yang ada depan mata la,yang dapat protect I..andthen look at Anuar..berjalan pun masih bertongkat..its easy ba to punch him..THINK la..kecuali la SI SAIFUL nie GAY..Ntah² dia yg liwat Anuar..Who Knows rite.. Pesanan Untuk Saiful.. DON'T EVER EVER TRY TO CHEAT THE CHEATER..COZ THE CHEATER KNOW HOW TO CHEAT U.. ^_*

Anonymous said...

I personnally think that Saiful is being used by BN for political purpose. In return, he can be rich... and famous... he is really a bull shit.