23 July, 2008

My dear Malaysians... The clowns are upon us.

We are being made into the butt of all jokes. By who else but the very people we have entrusted (by elections) to keep our piece of mind intact. The current state of economy of this country is a joke.

Once upon a time inflation too was said to be the enemy. However we did not suffer as much then. In fact inflation at the time was somehow very much unnoticed. The times when petrol per liter costs RM1.50... there was inflation then. There was war in some part of the world and the commodity that was fought for was indeed petroleum.

Still why is it different from now? Simply put.... the opportunist are getting smarter and smarter. How convenient is it that for more or less a month back the increased oil prices were announced then now we have launches of alternative fuel products by you know who.

How convenient is it that barely a year that the civil servants got their much awaited raise they got bludgeoned down with increased oil prices and ever rising food costs. Also how come all the sudden with the price hike it is announced that gas station franchises gets increased commissions? Why? All these years of service does not warrant them a good reason to get better percentage?

Somehow someone had it all planned. Because it is not as easy as predicting the weather now is it? Just when Anwar is released and becomes active in politics again he is slapped on a storyline that is not that much different than the last one he was convicted and sent to the slammer. Now after one court case to another what is it in for us Malaysians?

NOTHING. While all the schemes are put into place and will be set off like precision Swiss engineering of a watch we shall be suffering. Lets face it..... if we ditch what we have as a government now its like being saved from the lion's mouth and being caught as a crocodile's tooth pick.

The hero that once was is not seen as the villain.... while the natural villain makes us believe that the hero is not all that good anyway. So....which is your bet now? To be the butt of all jokes or be the butt that gets stuffed with an old plot that will sink into the teeth of some capitalists?

Thanks to the Dark Knight.... I clearly understand the predicament we have put ourselves into. We had the chance to change it... but we didn't make good use of it. Now we do an Akon and put the blame on us. Simply because we know we are certainly not the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

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