09 July, 2008

PAS has no sense of entertainment and PKR picked the wrong band.

What a party it was last weekend. 10,000 people, one beaten up half stripping rocker. PAS clearly showed their lack of entertainment values and PKR has clearly shown their bad taste.

From what I have experienced, entertainment should entirely stay out of politics. Let it be known that certain quarters in PKR is trying very hard to get more youths to be on their side. But the approach is absolutely wrong and many will not bank in on their offers to perform for the badge they carry.

I highly advise the artistes to fully consider the gravity of participating in such events. Indie acts especially have to be really careful. Regardless of the amount of payment it is always best to avoid performing at Politically motivated events. Even UMNO or BN events for that matter.

As for Carburetor Dung~ I am not sorry for you.

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