10 July, 2008

Skirting the issues.

It leaves me to ponder how bad the situation is right now. PKR seems in a disarray, PAS seems cross with their partner and BN is skirting a lot of issues. The missing PI Bala is a great distraction and so is the new sodomy charge against Anwar.

I am wondering when is everyone going to focus on the more important issues. Nothing is news worthy these days. The press should concentrate on what is important. Not on what happened to some tiny PI or someones ass being poked.

Is the government loosing focus? Or the fracas in parliament is taking too much a time that nothing is really getting solved. The people are unhappy and grumbling. The petrol and food price issue are the ones that should be dealt with ASAP. By the looks of things at the moment I am very confident that the people will have more hate towards the government and the opposition will capitalize on it and butter them up.

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