25 July, 2008

To German or not to German. Proton is in the question.

It is definitely amusing to once again see the debate between excos of states on which car is best used by officials in terms of running costs and maintenance. It has come to a point that I sincerely suspect that some are using it as cheap brownie points to defend the National Car maker headliner.

However, I do see the sense of how expensive it is to maintain both makes of cars. Firstly I think all of them have failed to consider the circumstances of which the cars are used. It definitely boils down to how the cars are maintained and driven everyday.

Perdanas are notorious for it's auto box failure. However it is only because of the wear and tear of use. I certainly do not see it as a major problem considering what to expect from a car hat is essentially running with 20 years old bought over Japanese technology. Also it is a very well known fact that Japan keeps the best technology they have to themselves first. So essentially we get archaic contraptions for the millions paid for the rights to use them in our National Vehicles.

The German make on the other hand has never really had a fault in their quality since god knows when. True that it is used as taxis in EU countries but it simply shows that how tough wearing the Germans have engineered their cars. Face it.... even the most exclusive makes can be turned into taxis at a price. So to Jamsari Jamuliddin...nice effort in trying to score brownie points.

Basically, maintenance costs can be minimized by first observing good driving techniques. Even tanks driven badly wont last as long as an old Perdana. As per the claim that Benz are the better choice I think half of it is bollocks. Do not change cars until you have educated your drivers to drive better. Like all of us don't know that chauffeurs treat the cars during off duty like maniacs sometimes. Blame man not the machine please.

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