30 August, 2008

The budget will cause short lived happiness.

Wahhh...cigarettes up 60sen~! But what about for alcohol and gambling? Well I am a smoker so I guess the option to stop has very concrete reasons now. Still I am not really convinced of the RM207 billion budget.

It makes only half sense to me and what it introduces is more expenses. Pensioners get more money... more perks for the public sector~ hey why is that the public service are getting all the perks? They had a good year last year already.

By the looks of it Pak Lah is on a post election budget mindset. Lost a lot of ground because he was sleeping too much and now he is trying to buy time and favour from the public sector which in turn will be easier for him to reach to secure votes for BN before he graciously retires and for Najib to champion their illicit cause.

I love the diesel vehicles roadtax bit. They should have done that along time ago. However the excise duties for importing private diesel vehicles was not mentioned. Is that an oversight or it was done on purpose. Come on~ proton do not make cars that run on diesel. Bring it down so we can better diesel technology offered by the European manufacturers.

Free electricity~ hmmm....make no difference to me as my monthly bill is about RM70 a month no thanks in part to the PC and fridge, plus the late night friends coming over wasting their weekend time. Perhaps its onlyto the more hardcore low income earners~ like those who earn less than 1k a month. Shit~!! there are still people surviving on that pay? The budget should have resolved that...but Pak Lah did not.

I say it is a budget to stay safe from loosing any more and to garner those who work for them to like the fat politicians and ensure their habitat is protected. Sabah and Sarawak got a cool sum for upgrades. Weh...other states don't need it is it? Owh wait~ they didn't vote for you. Bahh...it makes perfect sense now.

29 August, 2008

Blown Nuts to study voter trends.

I might as well roll over and laugh till my nose bleeds. What trend more is there to study. After the last general elections don't tell me it is not enough a sign that the trend of favouring Blown Nuts is certainly down. It takes no fool to know that. Still want to ask why? Najib must be blind or dumb... perhaps even both.

Voting trends are simpler now and there is no two ways about it. Firstly the leadership sucks~ big time.... check out the among of corruption being reported lately. That is a tell tale sign that the government is taking it up their asses just to subsidise those in high ranks with their German cars, Designer knickers and European vacations.

Perhaps what they want to study is not really the trends of voters but their trend of working ethics and greed. Working ethics is going down (almost none in my opinion) and their greed increases inch by inch. Can be seen through their waist lines.

Now you have Anwar to bug the living daylights out of you. Pak Lah wont be sleeping no more when the parliament resides as he has Anwar staring down his pants. Owh the glory hole is slowly being torn wide open. Now the next mode of action is simple.... wake up, dust off those shoulders and be ready to be escorted out. Don't forget the dirty laundry, the rats and the odd whore or two. Yeah don't try to lure the Rakyat with a shorcut discounted budget and leave us with nothing. We might like the budget.... but that does not mean we will definitely vote for Blown Nuts to be in power.

28 August, 2008

No Internet Cencorship my arse.

Aside from Anwar....the next most famous man in Malaysian Blogsphere currently is RPK is in the lime light again. What else if not for his infamous blog Malaysia Today. MCMC has clearly violated their promise. From what can be understood from the reports it is because of the many comments left by his readers that has caused Malaysia Today to be blocked by ISPs.

The best of it is that other bloggers too will be contacted to advise us on ethical blogging. Hang on a minute... if there are thousands of visitors per day and they leave a thousand more comments there will always be a possibility that some malicious ones that will be missed.

Yes there are widgets to control such comments based on keywords entered to be filtered but what about those who run on free blogging services such as Blogspot and Wordpress Free? Sometime I wonder where are their gumption. But then again I do find some comments left by some readers that are too terrible. Emak ketam nak ajar anak ketam jalan lurus.... aperda.

However there is also the possibility in Malaysia Todays predicament that the comments might be planted by certain people with certain interests to see that site go down. So what about that then? It would rather be more appropriate to go after those who leaves the comments then the owner of the site. But that would be harder right?

Still apart from porn and illegal gambling and fraud websites other websites should never be blocked. Next time don't promise when you cant deliver.... see now what happens? You want to come and lecture me about ethical blogging? I'll lecture you about not lying to the rakyat first. Wait a minute... no need to do that. We'll just vote out the old government in the next elections.

27 August, 2008

Che Det: Pak Lah is finished.

There is a fact. And the fact is that opposition supporters are more internet and IT savvy as compared to Pak Lah's band of cohorts. Thus some might blame BN's defeat in Permatang Pauh is online influenced.

I beg to differ. The fact is like Tun Mahathir said that the people vote for PKR not because they support Anwar or the party but it is to because of no longer satisfied with BN and UMNO specifically. I think there is some truth in that.

Somehow I think both have their drawbacks. One side is relatively inexperienced so the confidence is just based on hearsay while the other are old farts gobbling up the rakyat's money for their penchant of a luxurious lifestyle for themselves and cronies.

The Non Malays are pretty worried too as PAS is affiliated to PKR at the moment and PAS was never in their favour. Should everyone be worried now? I guess so as the uncertainties are evident and there is no knowing how the tirade will end.

As much as I like to see Anwar back in active politics and in the forefront, I am still sceptical as to how PKR can form a central government. As it is they are having some difficulties in some state governments at the moment.

I guess it is Pak Lah that we all want out.... and Najib is included in the package as well. But then who will UMNO be left with? Mukhriz? Khairy? Taib? Razaleigh? Errr.... UMNO is running out of people I see. Mukhriz is good in my books. Khairy.... the young tyke is attracting all the wrong attention plus he is susceptible with infamous remarks. Taib? He is a joke.... Razaleigh? Too old.

Hish...UMNO oh UMNO... you are in a dilemma now.

Permatang Pauh: Game Over BN

No restarts, no extra lives, no power ups in this game many call politics. Anwar is back in the ranks to annoy your living daylights in the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. While PKR jubilate and BN go and nurse yet another wound let us think for a bit. What is the next step?

The government has already thought of the next step.... bring down bloggers who spreads rumours and malicious information. Well, guess what~ for as we bloggers have good proof that our dear BN leaders cross-dress, sleeps at work, make an embarrassment of themselves in international media, practices corruption and misuse of power there is nothing much that you can do.

My advice is not to go after the bloggers such as myself but instead look at yourself and figure what all of you idiots have done wrong collectively that you are sliding down the popularity charts.

No, no, no and no....don't even try to state your reasons. You have been very bad and you know it. So with glee and and great honour I would like to remind you BN crooks that you are going to face imminent defeat in the next elections unless you pack your dirty laundry and admit to all the wrongs and suffering that you have caused the dear Rakyat of Malaysia.

Power to the PEOPLE!

26 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: I suspect roadblocks leading North

It seems a bit late, but I can't seem to sleep so I think I'll post something that I have every suspicion that the Popo are trying their bit to help BN out....

I was driving home from work today and had to take Bukit Jelutong heading towards Guthrie Expressway. When I turned into the small slip road heading towards Batu Arang I noticed something really odd. Roadblock~!

Heh? how come there s a road block at 6:30pm in the evening heading North? Then it occurred to me quickly and I think it is a good estimation that the Cops must be trying to delay voters to Permatang Pauh by election or perhaps catching suspicious groups of people that do not seem like BN voters.

Well, blame me of making false claims but hey...everytime the opposition has the slightest intention of having a rally these men in blue place cones and flashing lights in the middle of some road and start a merry chatting session amongst themselves. Which in return gives us a bloody headache and loose precious hours at our jobs which some of us get our pay deducted at the end of the month. Pricks~!

Anyway, just a bit of advice. To those who are heading to Permatang Pauh to cast your votes.... please take these few precautions:

  • Travel light - meaning less luggage thus lesser raising suspicion so that the cops wont ransack your car and waste your precious time.
  • Dress well - Making your self look presentable will not give the impression that you are some rascal gonna make some ruckus.
  • Travel with no more than 3 people in the car - Well yes Petrol prices are a tad lower but that is not the reason. Just so that it wont make you look like you are gonna do some mob hit.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition - Hey, you dont want to stall in the middle of the highway and miss the chance to change the country do you?
  • Travel with family - if you can that is...police seldom stop vehicles that are filled with the whole family.
  • Be polite and nice - OK this one will take some practice since it can be a pain to communicate with morons who somehow become cops. But just keep your cool and answer them with proper salutations.
  • Do not carry any political party addenda - Yes, pull off that membership and pledge car stickers, leaflets, tags, freebies from the last elections.

If you follow the simple things above you will very well have a smooth trip back to vote and also a safe return. Send my regards to the rest of Permatang Pauh for me.

25 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: BN = Blown Nuts

Whooops.... an Ustaz dropped a bomb shell.

Thank You for the 15sen discount on Petrol though. Lets enjoy it while it lasts....we'll never know that BN are sore losers until the vote counts are finalized.

Permatang Pauh: Final leg of mind games.

Act of desperation to demoralize both sides are well underway. Some 200 PKR members reportedly quit the party, then Anwar was caught in the news using foul language in his campaign speeches. Next to that there was a bomb scare at the Puteri UMNO post. Perhaps a holiday would do? No... apparently some think its a bad idea.

So far so heated. This 3 way match might go just about anywhere. Teams of campaigners are stressed and tired. The hectic campaigning is really taking its toll. But who will come out triumphs? Both BN and PKR have an equal chance I think. But who is the most suitable to represent Permatang Pauh?

My gut feeling says its the BN candidate. At least personally~ Anwar just wants Permatang Pauh so he could spring leap into the top ranks. Knowing Anwar, he is pushing things a bit too fast. Impatient fellow. Najib is giving all in Permatang Pauh simply because he is set up to be the next PM. So obviously he wants to take care of his investment.

What about the other dude?? Err...I can't remember his name but I think he has a good chance too. Lets say the people of Permatang Pauh are fed up with all the bullshit both BN and PKR are doing they might just swing his way. Interesting? You bet. Lets see whose campaign goes bust in the eleventh hour. That would be interesting.

24 August, 2008

Dr. Sam Abraham acknowledged.

Not many remember the many doctors that attend to them when they were kids. How do we know to appreciate such services at such a young age? Half of the time kids would be crying, scared for their lives for what a doctor is capable of. I was scared initially but somehow this one doctor really knows how to sooth a kid. I was diagnosed with mild asthma when I was a child and my mother sought out the best pediatrician she could find. She found Dr. Sam Abraham. I remember that the clinic was somewhere near the MIC HQ in KL.

I remember his room fondly. The waiting area of his clinic was nothing special, at least i don't think so since I cant recall anything about it. His room however was something off a child's dream. It was the best part of the visit. Once you enter the door you see his glorious desk. For a kid it is pretty big~ huge even and it was filled with every single kind of toy in the 80's you could imagine. Lots of puzzles...some of those water pump froggy contraptions, wooden cars and trucks, plastic squeaking hammers and lots more.

I always thought he was some kind of Santa Claus. So every once in a month my visit will include me having to breath in some kind of apparatus that takes all the phlegm congested in my lungs out. I was shit scared of how it looked and simply refused to have it stuck to my face thinking t will suck the life out of me. However Dr. Abraham asked me about Starwars and asked me if do I think Darth Vader Was cool or not. I nodded and he explained that I will sound just like Darth Vader and it will be cool.

Eyes wide I took the plastic mask into my heads and held it in place. He put some sort of medicine into the thing and started the contraption. True enough in less then a minute I started sounding like Darth Vader himself. Man was I ecstatic. Pretty much from then onwards I loved visiting his clinic. I know I'll get at least a lollipop and took every single opportunity to at least touch every single toy he had on his desk.

This morning I woke up and went to NST online. There was a name that strike me these fond memories. Quickly clicking on the link there was a picture of him. Yup...he was my doctor alright. I even called him Dr. Abe when I was still receiving treatment. From the report it stated that he passed away last year. That was when it prompted me to write this piece. It does not matter how many awards does a doctor receive... let alone how much he makes. I do feel that all a doctor could really appreciate is that the fact that 20 years on a child he or she treated still remembers them.

I never got a chance to say thank you. I never got a chance to say what a cool doctor he was. I never came back when I am all grown up and invited him for tea. I wish I did. But then again if he knows that I smoke then he might just give a piece of his mind that would prompt me to stop smoking immediately. Haahaa...strict doctor he was. But yeah... this is my salute to you Dr. Sam Abraham. To his familiy.... I bet he was a father figure to many kids in the 80's.

Let me tell you something about cops.

I detest that the whole police force are BN's soldiers and are brainless. I bet you that some are really good cops. While there are also who are corrupted. I have noticed personally that some cops love to get drunk and act like hooligans when they are. I do also agree that cops do earn at the side when they are off duty. But all the vice they do hold only true to a minority of them.

NST covered a lot of reports on Friday about cops. Which got me thinking... if the media portrays negativity and let readers make their own conclusion which we normally do, to what extent that PDRM can do to change the people's perception?

My friend and I came to a roadblock in Klang just behind Giant Bukit Tinggi about a month back. I was stopped and told to pull over. The officer (a young one) came over and asked for our IC and license. The normal procedure as you may have experienced. Then another came and asked us to step out and started ransacking my car. And I mean they really ransacked.

From glove box all the way to the boot. They even took the time to check underneath the carpets. We we're being friendly and all asked what were they searching for. We got no reply. One of the officers found a small tin and smiled coyly and asked what is this. I replied it is Chinese tea leaves... he opened it to check and to his dismay it was. But not to be dumbed out there he stuck his finger into the tin and started to feel it all the way to the bottom.

My friend and I started to laugh slowly. The other cop asked why are you laughing? And asked us to turn out our wallets. I think these cops are fresh are a bit naive... this one particular cop asked why does my wallet have a detachable part? Is it to hide something? I answered it came with the wallet as it is and its a credit card holder. Yes I was rolling my eyes when I said it. I guess he took offense that I think he was stupid....which honestly I think he is stupid.

I popped open my boot. I had a box and a sports bag filled with t-shirts to sell. These two idiots quickly went through it and I suspected they took out the right size for each of them. One asked what are these T-shirts for? I said "Untuk pakai la". The other one asked "Nie baju untuk jual ke aper?". I answered again "Yup". "Takder baju untuk polis ke?" implying that he wants one FOC. "Baju nie semua orang boleh pakai bang, tak kisah ler kerja aper pun" and I gave him a cock stare. "Ala...boleh ler bagi satu, satu jer takkan tak boleh kot". "Heh-heh, tak boleh bang...kalau beli, saya jual ler" this time on purpose I said it loud enough so that his officer in charge could hear us.

Noticed that his plan to pau me did not work he collected our IC and driving license from his officer and passed it back to us. I wonder is it just them or police standard procedure to make people feel guilty until proven otherwise. And is it common practice for cops to take opportunity to pau even a silly t-shirt? I am sorry if the good cops feel offended but hey you cops are in uniforms and honestly I can't tell who is the good cop or who is the bad cop.

I have met with corrupted cops before. They like hanging out at night clubs possibly to earn extra income. Being off duty does not entitle cops to behave unruly, get drunk and participate in other vice activities. If cops can raid night spots for juveniles and possession of drugs I think they should raid clubs for off duty cops who does not maintain discipline and participate in the drinking as well. Try it once...I bet there are Malay cops who drinks like a camel.

But yeah...who would want to listen to a plain old rakyat like me? Cops will never tell on cops unless they are caught red handed and there is a significant amount of evidence that could not save the poor old chap no more. Still...all respect goes to cops who uphold the law and are courteous and fair in executing their responsibilities and duty. The rest can very well eat my spit.

22 August, 2008

Pak Lah's slick trick

Yeah just minutes after I posted my previous article there goes in the news that petrol prices are lowered. When I was told that it will be RM2.55 per liter the only thing that came out of my mouth was a four letter word followed by "face". Now, lets see if my memory serves me right... the highest price that a barrel of crude oil was around USD$147. Now crude oil prices have dropped to almost USD$117 per barrel. What is the difference? A USD$30 drop... and what did we receive?

Thats right a "generous" RM0.15 decrease. RM0.15 in USD$ is only USD$0.04 ~! Ok Ok so i am not an economist and don't really know what are the actual calculations involved. But mathematics should be logical. So where is the logic in just lowering RM0.15 per liter? I think there is none.

Pak Lah must have been asleep during his math classes in school otherwise how could you rationally explain the friggin tiny 15 sen decrease. In this silliness I could actually foresee a trick... is Pak Lah desperate? Many opposition supporters or those who are fed up will shout a resounding YES! If lets say BN looses in Permatang Pauh will it screw up the transition of power to Najib? I hear lots of Yes and some say No.

Back to the point... why la only 15 sen? Would it hurt so much to round it up to 20 sen? A Perodua Viva will only save RM5 for a full tank. It feels more like being given charity somewhat. Saving RM5 may be a big deal to low income people but heck low income people do not own cars~! How much can they save on a full tank in lets say a Modenas Kriss?

If there was a tool that I use to check Pak Lah's head I think it would be a magic wand. A plink and a plonk might rattle the old man into common sense or otherwise transform him into a four post bed. Bravo Pak Lah, I do not know what are you trying to prove but you have proven it... I think we can gather you amongst the most nonsense leader in the modern world. If there was an association for it the head will be George Bush and you can safely be his deputy. Yes be relived that you are not the worse....well not yet at least.

Put your hopes too high and the government puts it down.

Revision to petrol prices is highly anticipated. However as the days approaches to the end of August there seems to be no signs of it yet. Perhaps I have missed that story somehow. Still I figure there is a good tactic if BN keeps a grudge against the Rakyat for causing them to loose their 2 thirds easy majority.

If I were to keep a grudge on such things and I can control the economy what would I do? Hmmmm....ahaaa~!!! I'll put the petrol prices on ransom until the results of Permatang Pauh! How about that? Cool eh? But then if hell break loose then how? Naahhh...I'll sleep over it. Anyway....under recent circumstances I would believe that it might be probable.

But come on, that would be entirely a wrong thing to do. For some reason ACA have been very prompt in their actions and arrests. Pak Lah says that simply show of how efficient ACA has become. Well I think that simply shows of how corrupted politicians and high ranking civil service personnel are. Nice flowery words that Pak Lah's political secretary wrote for him.

Have you watched the Usual Suspects? You should watch it, it teaches a lot of things. There is one line in the movie that Kevin Spacey said... "The best trick that the Devil has ever done is to make people believe that he does not exist". Equate that to politicians and you see how relevant that.

Still it is not end of the month yet~ Once it hits the calender to change from August to September then we shall see if the price of petrol drops. I would like to monitor the outcome of the Permatang Pauh by elections and the decision on lowering the price of petrol and how it remotely relates to each other. Just for fun.... *smirk*

Whats in it for all the unnecessary people in Permatang Pauh?

There are only 3 people officially in contest. But they have brought down the whole party jingbang. I wonder if it is wise to do so..... while those nominated should go around doing the typical campaigning rounds the rest tend to create a somewhat uncontrollable atmosphere.

Why need Najib be there...owh to give money. Why should Pak Lah be there? Perhaps to see Anwar's delicious ass for himself. Why should KJ be there....owh to dress up as a girl perhaps and be amongst the Puteri Umno imitating the act of anal penetration.

I find that BN tends to talk the cock but can't really walk the cock. For 50 years they seem to get better and better at it. But these bunch is full of pride they are. As much as the probe "into" Anwar (haahaahaa.....all pun intended) and Saiful's swearing which did not follow proper procedures in the religious aspect, need I remind you that the BN leaders too have heat up their ass. Don't forget there is investigations for money politics with the two top frigs of BN being at the top of the list?

Why point at the opposition when they don't really have any power in the government to misuse the funds? The sudden arrest of many people regarding to corruption could possibly be a seasonal thing. It's like spring cleaning..... they only do it when the sun is shining.

Make an educated guess. Why are all of them paying attention to Permatang Pauh when ther is only one man to go against. Why all the fuss and effort? I think I can answer that... the dawn has come that BN are so shitting in their pants. Certain people are not willing to let go of their wealthy lifestyle and designer briefs. I say beat BN...beat BN good....but I don't think I would want Anwar to one day form the new government.

20 August, 2008

One can't cheat god by swearing upon the Quran.

I think by publicizing the whole thing Saiful has really made the Quran to be some sort of a wildcard to win favors. On whose behalf is he acting for is the merry question everyone is asking. Is it cheap fame or someone is paying him to do all this? Did he really took it up in the ass? No doubt he is famous now...albeit all for the wrong reasons.

Why should the media pay attention to him? Simply because he is sensational....mildly cute and intrigues the masses. The cloud of mystery is always good for the tabloids. Even more so if the subjects are young and looks as if they are innocent. I guess sex sells very well~ even if it has connotations of being "Dual Band".

Many are condemning Saiful. Many too are backing him. But besides the justice that he so call is fighting for if he got it in his ass a few times and did not retaliate there and then it must have been at least with halfhearted consent. So does mildly enjoying it makes him an accomplice? Apparently not~ since the thing is whoever goes to the cops first and lodge a police report will be automatically be the victim. Some crooked way of justifying how the law thinks~ so called technicality on something that is far from being technical.

So it should give a good example to the younger generation...if you cant make the cut on a reality TV show take some of it up your ass and overnight you will shoot to stardom... more like stardoom to me. Absolutely sensational stuff.... ts creme de la creme of stores for the tabloids. Apparently taking someones misfortune and slapping it on the front page is somewhat very entertaining to them. Either that or those tabloid editors are gay.

But there is one that no one can fool. Slap your hands a million times on a sacred book and swear upon the gods of all human race and methodological creatures also you cant possibly fool the ONE. Apparently people forget too easily that at the end of their time they will die too and meet their creator.

Personally I dont think that a muslim should swear upon the Quran in public, let alone doing it in front of the media and have recordings of it. What matters is not how it was done but the true conscience within. Anyone can swear on anything they like.... but if that tiny heart ticks the wrong beat then it is simply wrong. There is simply no two ways about it.

UiTM: Ideology surpasses logic.

Lim Kit Sing issued an open letter addressed to Ibrahim Abu Shah in his blog. Not that I have to say that Lim Kit Siang will get the VC's attention in the instance of just batting an eyelid and a twitch of his mustache prior to perhaps saying something along the line of "He has no right to say anything on UiTM".

It's a noble thing to have idealist in this world. Certain ideologies are meant to benefit everyone while some are just pampered dreams that slowly fades away. In the instance of UiTM it was envisioned to be an ideal institution at the time it was formed.

I wont go into details on it's history (you can find it on Wikipedia) but at the time the Malays were really not too bright and qualified to be self sufficient. However after 50 years of existence they have delivered thousands upon thousands of graduates. However, because of sheer size and the ferocity of constant expansion (UiTM has a campus in every state) perhaps the numbers has surpassed quality many years ago.

Perhaps the sheer devotion by the Malay Idealist at the time went a wee bit overboard. Thus a devotion has grown into a habit~ A very dirty habit has it turned out to be. So vast and concentrated the main campus is in Shah Alam that it actually covers a whole section. Thus one never hears of Section One, Shah Alam but it starts at Section Two. Yes the whole of UiTM main campus is Section One~!!!

No matter, I am just rying to reason out that ideologies just like perishable goods have a limited shelf life. 50 years of mono-ethnic education ideology is far too long. The idea has fermented beautifully at first but someone forgot to keep check~ Thus it went on from nicely ripe to slowly getting moldy. Now it has turned acidic and is starting to let out a sour stench that raises suspicion.

But sour is a stubborn after taste~ it lingers and once in awhile it reminds you that its turning really bad. However, being fed the same thing for 50 years tends to grow on to you. SO, it starts to be comfortable...contented even. Thus whenever a change is suggested you will certainly get answers like "Why fix something that is not broken?". Indeed it is not broken...but need you wait till it shatters to a million pieces then you realize that something could have been done about the inevitable probabilities that it would encounter?

There....its an ideology that surpasses logic. It's like Babylon just awaiting time to be smashed and forgotten. For UiTM I wish that would be soon~ as for the ideology wish it to be even sooner.

19 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: So who did it?

"It's not our people who mobbed the other day" that is what PKR is saying. So if not them then who else? I look at it very simply....if it is not one side who did it then it should be the other. So who is the other?? You are smart enough to know which one.

What is the shock? Nothing beats this classic..."It wasn't me" tale. However at whose expanse is it that the violence is thumbed upon? Innocent voters and pressmen gets whacked for no apparent reason. A bash-up sounds like fun to some doesn't it?

So now people will ask BN if they did it. Of course they will say NO. Perhaps they take the rakyat as fools~ Well we can't be fooled for too long. I think to a certain extent both sides are dirty swines. Both are fuelled by greed and riches. That is why they are in politics in the first place.


17 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: Party Delinquents

It is not surprising. Not even a tiny bit. But the incident that involved press people getting bashed is very bad. What sort of maturity is this when certain groups resort to such childish high school acts?

Malaysian politics has a problem. A very embarrassing one too~ Party members / supporters act like delinquents. Talk all the cock but seldom can they walk it. What is my concern is not who the hell wins in Permatang Pauh. But it is the entire process of democracy is my concern.

Democracy in many sense is suppose to spell out freedom to choose. But what is written on paper seldom is the reality. Figure this~ in any election the one that should be contested is who will be the representative in the Dewan. But it is shown many times that other may take opportunity and perhaps to some being careless enough to forget the main purpose of an election.

For all the brains they have to come up with many things to say they still resort to some form of violence. Somehow, someway the ability to control the mouth and limbs takes a back seat. Some even seem to be mildly possessed (I think they call this party fanatics / loyalist).

I fear for the safety of the voters. I fear for the lives of children and the elderly getting hurt. I fear that people would loose their minds and choose the wrong person and I am not saying that BN or PKR are good. Today a pressman gets beaten up...tomorrow? An innocent child? A helpless senior citizen? Perhaps a massacre even? I dare not contemplate more on what might happen if these so called adults and their leaders cant keep their mouth shut and their limbs to themselves.

16 August, 2008

Syed Hamid threatens with Sedition Act.

Straight to the point..... read the article here and tell me what you think. Those who use extreme provocation (racial or religious issues) will not be given a blink of a chance. Permatang Pauh by elections is certainly set to be a heated debate if not a contest.

A 3000 strong police personnel will be deployed to scan the situation and take immediate action towards those who incite bitter racial and religious issues. The question is when is Malaysian politics is not racially or religiously motivated? When both ends meet there are bound to be some sort of ruckus.

Loyal supporters of both sides will resort to name calling and other vocal expression (seldom do you see singing but who knows) to change the heart of voters at the eleventh hour. It seems to me that Syed Hamid should also extend stern warning towards BN supporters and members too. As they are too not excused from grievous and often childish taunts and remarks.

Looks like this by elections is bigger than our Malaysian athletes campaign in the Beijing Olympics. Who would strike gold in Permatang Pauh where the large majority of voters are Malay? Would gain that crucial seat in the Dewan? Voters of Permatang Pauh have a huge responsibilty. It is very likely that whoever wins here will be setting the tone of political stability for the next four years.

Just be weary that both sides are capable of dirty tactics. If not the candidates....then the supporters themselves. Just a piece of advice to all eligible voters..... come early in unmarked vehicles, always come and leave in groups and just as extra precaution avaid wearing the party colours involved. These campaign workers are stubborn people~ sometimes the heat of the game strikes their emotions too well that it might as well just be insulting their mother.

15 August, 2008

Petrol prices: A menstrual cycle?

Before I start I would like to apologize to all women offended with the title. It is not to degrade or put women in a low social rank but it is just my pun intended on the Petrol pricing mechanism. Unlike women who are born with a biological clock so unique~ Petrol does not but somehow man has devised an ingenious way to do it.

SO the deal is that RM0.30 will be subsidized for every liter of petrol regardless of the world price of crude oil. Supposedly the RM2.70 now will be the ceiling price till further notice (knowing the government everything as a clause like this). Is it a good thing that prices at the pump will be revised monthly? I suppose so~ Somehow Diesel has not been mentioned in this scheme (unless I missed it). I wonder why?

Our daily running costs for our vehicles should decrease but what about other costs? Food for example.... majority of the daily produce (if not all) are delivered to the point of sale in vehicles running on Diesel. So logically if the world prices should remain on a downward trend shouldn't the price of Diesel be lowered accordingly as well. Yeah I know Diesel gets a bigger margin of subsidization but an ever lower price at the pump should be all the better right?

Yes prices may fluctuate more often. Maintaining a fixed budget will be very much harder and perhaps even certain investments could be effected by the fluctuating retail price of Petrol. Thus I term it like a menstrual cycle~ because it has a pleasant feeling....well until it bleeds eventually.

Good luck Permatang Pauh.

Plans overtaking the government in September is said to be on schedule. I thinkit is bullshit. Unless well of course Anwar is taking it by force~ some devine military intervention perhaps which is most likely not to ever happen.

PKR has lofty ambitions and ideas. The all too Islamic party which is PAS are doubting that the partnership is going anywhere. I expect Pas to pull out of PKR soon. I don't see a point on why they needed PKR in the first place~

Permatang Pauh was indeed left vacated by Wan Azizah to pave way for her beloved husband back into action. Which indicates that he just wants the chance to show his well healed eye (pun intended on the black eye incident) in the grand Dewan Rakyat.

It is a grand stage for him to prove his points plus with the half an hour broadcast could possibly do his scheming plans some good. Good or not, win or not PKR is definitely on shakey grounds. With the habit of Mr. De Facto jumping the gun~ He was impatient the last time and that cost him a couple of years in the slammer and put a halt to his takeover plans.

What is the situation in UMNO that could possibly make Anwar happy? Well the report made against those in power for money politics could work towards Anwar's favour but I don't think it is enough. It should take a lot more to bring down the giants.

Should Anwar win in Permatang Pauh? I belive he can do it. I belive he still has the influence to sway the voters there his way. But whatever it is.... BN or PKR should not take their opponents lightly. Otherwise they would not know what hit them. I wish Permatang Pauh all the best....its to the voters...not the cute ass candidates.

14 August, 2008

Keep the relentless pursuit of education for Mono-ethnicity to your selves please.

By some chance I came upon the Education Malaysia blog (through google elerts sent to my email). And it came as no surprise that eventually someone will put the VC of UiTM under the microscope. Not too bad a research based on what can be found officially online of Ibrahim Abu Shah.

I can't dispute the facts but the conclusion was a tad one sided, although one cant deny that it is pretty apparent that the VC has devoted (sold) himself for Malay Supremecy. You can't blame the man, afterall all the knowledge he gained was awarded to him by UiTM or known as Institut Teknologi MARA then.

The issue that was questioned at the end of the article was is he really qualified? On paper at least I think he is well suited. However I have to agree that besides the experience he gained lecturing / studying in UiTM he does not really have much of anything else.

What did not catch me as a surprise at all is the fact he is also an all out UMNO die hard. It figures as much as he to why he has been sitting pretty in that post for a pretty long time. I take him akin to the "Mahathir of Higher Education" to a certain extent.

Personally I have nothing against him. However I do have my complaints and dissatisfaction on how the varsity is run. So when you are not satisfied with a certain administration who do you poit your fingers too? Obviously the man at the top.

For a very long time now I am very much against the fact and concept of a mono-ethnic institute of education. Especially after going through my diploma in UiTM. I dont see the experience as something that rewarding or fortunate. In fact I fell sad to those who are forced to study there because they cant afford to study anywhere else.

The Malay Dilemma quickly springs to mind. To those who can afford it they would rather spend more to send their children somewhere else rather then UiTM. C'mon, ask yourself and ask the Bumiputra kids who just finished SPM and STPM....given a choice where would they want to study? I can bet you that almost all will mention some other institution. I too did not even think I would land my self an offer to UiTM, I was praying that my application would not get through.

Enough of pulling on a select case. However noble the intentions are I must say that the execution was bad. First and foremost it was a politicaly influenced judgement to have the mono-ethnic varsity. So to those who cry foul about my points here can just screw themselves back and forth.

This month is actually some homecoming celebration for UiTM Alumni. So what a good time to pitch the whole fiasco to the knowledge of some old fart graduates of the varsity. I am off the Alumni somewhat~ But I dont like the fact that such an establisment was ever associated to my education.

Putting it simpler, I am not proud at all. When questioned on where did I get my cert from, it comes to me as a bitter pill and a painful chill that I have to answer UiTM. Ungrateful some would say but hey I can shout and vouch for my own opinion here right?

I think it would be a favour to the whole nation in a way that UiTM will forever be for the Bumis. Phew~ at least they wont spill and spread their Malay Supremecy apedemic to the other races as a form of education. Undergraduates of UiTM have to endure that for as long as they study there. Summer camps, Student Orientation, Various internal discourse and talks all speak to the tune of Melayu this and Melayu that. If I am an Indian or Chinese and my children are offered places in UiTM it will sincerely come with a swift and stern NO.

Yeah, so I change my mind. I no longer support UiTM to be open to the other races. I do not want the young minds of other races to be as polluted as that to a typical Malay supremist mind. I would not want other races to practice and pick up the dirty habits of immature name calling.

So my dear request to the ruling government / party / mono-ethnic supremist... keep this one ideology forever with you dammed people. Keep it so close and dont spread the deadly desease to the rest of the population. We don't need it and can live far better than if we get it. Thank you for the offer if there was ever one but really no thanks from the deepest sincerest hearts.

12 August, 2008

Time will come when our children point their fingers to us.

Malaysians are an emotional bunch. Once we believe in something we will stick by it almost till death do us part. But are we intelligent enough to differentiate things? I think this is where the point ruckus starts. The Bar Council by being so called intelligent made a grievous error without realizing the consequences to a certain extent.

I admire their plans to have Convergence to Islam Forum. However what could have been a closed door event blew to a devastating event that any PR guru cant solve swiftly. Sadly the name has somewhat been tarnished to a certain degree.

Pak Lah is not in favour of such forums being organized which was stated many times clearly. But it came to me as a realization that are we Malaysians are to forever quickly run away to avoid and curl when sensitive issues such as this needs to be addressed? For how long need we deny that there is a problem.

True as the saying goes why fix something which is not broken but aside from that how do we improve ourselves as a nation further? The first step to a change for the better is to acknowledge the issue that we indeed have a problem. Simply running a way in hiding does not make matters any better.

I am very afraid that one day (I hope not in my generation) that the tension gets to boiling point that certain groups will take matters into their own hands and I am not referring to organizing measly forums or discourse. It is evident that many countries face racial and religious issues and failed to improve over many many generations.

Someone will suffer. If it is not us then our children and grandchildren will live with prejudice and discrimination. And when it starts to break I am afraid I already know what our future bloodline would say...."My parents did not do anything, so why the hell should I?". Owh I pray that I will not live to see that day come.

Owh...non Bumis are not missing much~

As predicted...the statement made by the current Selangor MB has been met with lots of flak. What ensued today happened to be the biggest peaceful rally staged by the Student council of UiTM for I can remember. There was once a big rally but that was more than 15 years ago if I am not mistaken and then it was not a University but a measly college.

Before I go on any further about this whole "Ketuanan Melayu" (that is Malay Rights or commercially known as "social contract" for you foreign readers), what happened today was a totally the opposite action of what the authorities did as compared to the recent public rallies that was held. Hindraf had water cannons.... Bersih had water cannons laced with chemicals. While as long there was a hint of a gathering of mass proportions there were roadblock set up to the inconvenience of the people. But, this one?

Let what was portrayed in the news be proof of how unjust and prejudiced are the authorities are towards select groups. Anyway...some say it was not the right time to such ideas of opening up UiTM to other races....even for 10% for that matter. The fact is for as long the very same people that uphold the "Ketuanan Melayu" idea now is still around, that is how long more UiTM will only be specifically be for the Bumis.

I was watching the news on the tele... and the beloved "father" of all UiTM undergrads famous for his mustache and fancy designer sunglasses/glasses specifically said that it is a no question issue and he will defend UiTM to be forever for the Bumiputras. I would imagine no less of the man.... other wise he would no longer be holding the post of Vice Chancellor now would he?

But is the issue politicized? Tell me what is not politicized in Malaysia? Even construction of highways are politicized. Heck, I bet someone who is Ultra Pro Malay / Government / UMNO would say that even a measly blogger like me has somewhat a political agenda.

Look~ there is a popular saying about UiTM... believe me many realized it once they actually graduated from the university. It simply sounds like "First Class facilities, Third Class mentality". I am not saying all UiTM graduates feel that way...but saying "many" would be too ambiguous. Perhaps a poll should be done by a third party to give an unbiased account of what those students are really thinking of their Alma Mater.

Should other races be bothered that there is one University that is not opened to them? Honestly they should not. They are not missing much really.... in terms of education quality there is nothing much to shout about UiTM. If one of the top 3 Unis in Malaysia were to be restricted to Bumis only then I would really understand. But UiTM has nothing much to be fussed for.

I have written many articles pertaining to UiTM and the quality that they seem to shout aloud for. Even the fact that I was kicked out for publishing those articles I am glad they did what they did. For I am indeed grateful of the Diploma that I graduated for but other then the knowledge that i could very well read on my own I cant say I am proud of everything else that UiTM offered.

So what if the fees are dead cheap? So what if the world class facilities are subsidized with the rakyat's money? So what? Other colleges and Unis offer a much richer experience living as Malaysians. Compared to studying surrounded by just once race....imagine how socially insecure is that? Like a Malay saying "Katak Bawah Tempurung".... being secure in one surrounding will not let you master what the rest of the world has to offer....which coincidentally brings us to another saying "Mati Katak"...so one will live till death in vain.

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11 August, 2008

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim agrees that UiTM should be opened up..... and its about bloody time too~

From the news report obtained here it should be a very timely step for the Mono ethnic varsity to be opened to all races. However the initial suggestions of 10% of enrollment to other races and foreigners is a bit too tiny. I would rather fathom a 30% - 40% seats allocated to non-bumis.

A study should be done no doubt but realisticly it will be met with a lot of flak from all sides. Especially UMNO being the tradtional so called champion of the Malay prowess (cough cough...bullshit). However I do personally think that many would agree that UiTM graduates are formally qualified but certainly lacks soft skills to comprehend the fast paced job market and simply loose out on competativeness.

What are the repercussions in opening it's campuses to other races? For one, if the change are not met with quick adoption by the management as well as the undergraduates the Bumiputras will certainly loose out. How to change the mindset is the greatest challenge of all.

No matter what are the efforts taken it will be a big challange. Making sure it does not contradict the main goal UiTM was set up for will seem to be an impossible task. We could very well see how many will bark back. But just bare in mind..... how it would be even minutely possible for one a race to be competative when all have been incubated together for so many years? Certainly Malaysia is not mono ethnic.... not even by a long shot.

08 August, 2008

Investigations on those in POWER should be done ASAP.

Mighty interesting~ Datuk Mazlan Harun did not specify exactly who but the term he used is very well understood. Based by an open letter written by retired army captain Datuk Zahar Hashim addressed to UMNO secretary general demanding for Pak Lah and Najib to beinvestigated and disciplined on the grounds of abuse of power.

Some of the details of the letter may be foud here.

Not very long after that Anwar was to be charged in court.... Hmmmm....devine intervention to distract the attention of the rakyat? I dunno, go figure.... talk about immaculate timing.

It was not said when the open letter was dated but my guess is it could have been awhile till an official statement was made.

Is Pak Lah and Najib guilty of abuse of power and money politics? I seriously think so~ which politician isn't to a certain extent? Honestly to determine who would go up and down in rank without even a vote is indeed a sin in any democratic establishment.

Lets take a vote now and see who would the Rakyat want to be made the next PM? I bet you my balls none of those mentioned would be favoured. GO ahead.... investigate and pin down the culprits. Parading them in their boxers in KL would be great if it is not too much to ask.

02 August, 2008

Wan Azizah lets go for Hubby.... what a whack in the ass for BN?

Twisting as ever this political game can be. For so many thought it could not get any more twisted as it is. Honestly the voter of Permatang Pauh should feel very cheated. They voted for one and then she decides to pull out and allow her husband a shot in the ass of the BN government. Should it be shouted as a quick solve tactic? Or is it going to be a disaster for controversial politician Anwar Ibrahim?

So while the shock news shivers through BN's spine (some might have a sleepless weekend) what is there in the stakes? Well for one if Anwar wins in the by elections that means he has a nice comfy seat in parliament won't he? I bet that is what he always wanted from the day he was released. That is simply to shine on a stage where he confidently shown prowess for his years as a Minister sometime long ago.

I think all that election campaigning for PKR was simply a sharpening stone for this sole purpose. His public speaking skills are known to be very convincing and powerful. If there is a chance given to have a heads on debate by Anwar vs. Pak Lah I can surely bet you that the latter would loose. What?? Do I hear BN supporters booing me? Well honestly screw you.... all of us very well know in terms of public speaking who has the better energy and clear vigilant eye on details.

Politically, Pak Lah will have legions of supporters because simply he is the man of the hour holding the seat that Najib sorely eyed for so long. I bet Najib's heart did not skip a beat when he know about the transition of power in 2010. So should Anwar be playing night watch longer? He should not.... and so thus his plans are underway.

But which way is it that is good for the Rakyat? I don't trust Anwar....nor do I trust Najib. Some brains in power are thinking....if we do not do something now to bring down Anwar handling both of them (Najib and Anwar) will be a very tough thing to do. So why not fix the smaller tyke first and throw him something up his ass? This is your perfect picture now~

Nothing to worry about Pak Lah...he is planning a long vacation over a year in advance (Petrol prices might go down I heard). Sorry Najib....the joke might as well be on you if you are not careful. To Wan Azizah.... Permatang Pauh voters will remember that you ditched them.