29 August, 2008

Blown Nuts to study voter trends.

I might as well roll over and laugh till my nose bleeds. What trend more is there to study. After the last general elections don't tell me it is not enough a sign that the trend of favouring Blown Nuts is certainly down. It takes no fool to know that. Still want to ask why? Najib must be blind or dumb... perhaps even both.

Voting trends are simpler now and there is no two ways about it. Firstly the leadership sucks~ big time.... check out the among of corruption being reported lately. That is a tell tale sign that the government is taking it up their asses just to subsidise those in high ranks with their German cars, Designer knickers and European vacations.

Perhaps what they want to study is not really the trends of voters but their trend of working ethics and greed. Working ethics is going down (almost none in my opinion) and their greed increases inch by inch. Can be seen through their waist lines.

Now you have Anwar to bug the living daylights out of you. Pak Lah wont be sleeping no more when the parliament resides as he has Anwar staring down his pants. Owh the glory hole is slowly being torn wide open. Now the next mode of action is simple.... wake up, dust off those shoulders and be ready to be escorted out. Don't forget the dirty laundry, the rats and the odd whore or two. Yeah don't try to lure the Rakyat with a shorcut discounted budget and leave us with nothing. We might like the budget.... but that does not mean we will definitely vote for Blown Nuts to be in power.

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