30 August, 2008

The budget will cause short lived happiness.

Wahhh...cigarettes up 60sen~! But what about for alcohol and gambling? Well I am a smoker so I guess the option to stop has very concrete reasons now. Still I am not really convinced of the RM207 billion budget.

It makes only half sense to me and what it introduces is more expenses. Pensioners get more money... more perks for the public sector~ hey why is that the public service are getting all the perks? They had a good year last year already.

By the looks of it Pak Lah is on a post election budget mindset. Lost a lot of ground because he was sleeping too much and now he is trying to buy time and favour from the public sector which in turn will be easier for him to reach to secure votes for BN before he graciously retires and for Najib to champion their illicit cause.

I love the diesel vehicles roadtax bit. They should have done that along time ago. However the excise duties for importing private diesel vehicles was not mentioned. Is that an oversight or it was done on purpose. Come on~ proton do not make cars that run on diesel. Bring it down so we can better diesel technology offered by the European manufacturers.

Free electricity~ hmmm....make no difference to me as my monthly bill is about RM70 a month no thanks in part to the PC and fridge, plus the late night friends coming over wasting their weekend time. Perhaps its onlyto the more hardcore low income earners~ like those who earn less than 1k a month. Shit~!! there are still people surviving on that pay? The budget should have resolved that...but Pak Lah did not.

I say it is a budget to stay safe from loosing any more and to garner those who work for them to like the fat politicians and ensure their habitat is protected. Sabah and Sarawak got a cool sum for upgrades. Weh...other states don't need it is it? Owh wait~ they didn't vote for you. Bahh...it makes perfect sense now.

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Malaysia Digest said...

1. 60sen rise for cigarette.. BN forgot that 90% of the smokers are lower-income Malays.

2. bigger budget allocation for Sabah/Sarawak is purely bunga... just to please the MPs from east malaysia so that they don't jump over to PR.