27 August, 2008

Che Det: Pak Lah is finished.

There is a fact. And the fact is that opposition supporters are more internet and IT savvy as compared to Pak Lah's band of cohorts. Thus some might blame BN's defeat in Permatang Pauh is online influenced.

I beg to differ. The fact is like Tun Mahathir said that the people vote for PKR not because they support Anwar or the party but it is to because of no longer satisfied with BN and UMNO specifically. I think there is some truth in that.

Somehow I think both have their drawbacks. One side is relatively inexperienced so the confidence is just based on hearsay while the other are old farts gobbling up the rakyat's money for their penchant of a luxurious lifestyle for themselves and cronies.

The Non Malays are pretty worried too as PAS is affiliated to PKR at the moment and PAS was never in their favour. Should everyone be worried now? I guess so as the uncertainties are evident and there is no knowing how the tirade will end.

As much as I like to see Anwar back in active politics and in the forefront, I am still sceptical as to how PKR can form a central government. As it is they are having some difficulties in some state governments at the moment.

I guess it is Pak Lah that we all want out.... and Najib is included in the package as well. But then who will UMNO be left with? Mukhriz? Khairy? Taib? Razaleigh? Errr.... UMNO is running out of people I see. Mukhriz is good in my books. Khairy.... the young tyke is attracting all the wrong attention plus he is susceptible with infamous remarks. Taib? He is a joke.... Razaleigh? Too old.

Hish...UMNO oh UMNO... you are in a dilemma now.

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