24 August, 2008

Dr. Sam Abraham acknowledged.

Not many remember the many doctors that attend to them when they were kids. How do we know to appreciate such services at such a young age? Half of the time kids would be crying, scared for their lives for what a doctor is capable of. I was scared initially but somehow this one doctor really knows how to sooth a kid. I was diagnosed with mild asthma when I was a child and my mother sought out the best pediatrician she could find. She found Dr. Sam Abraham. I remember that the clinic was somewhere near the MIC HQ in KL.

I remember his room fondly. The waiting area of his clinic was nothing special, at least i don't think so since I cant recall anything about it. His room however was something off a child's dream. It was the best part of the visit. Once you enter the door you see his glorious desk. For a kid it is pretty big~ huge even and it was filled with every single kind of toy in the 80's you could imagine. Lots of puzzles...some of those water pump froggy contraptions, wooden cars and trucks, plastic squeaking hammers and lots more.

I always thought he was some kind of Santa Claus. So every once in a month my visit will include me having to breath in some kind of apparatus that takes all the phlegm congested in my lungs out. I was shit scared of how it looked and simply refused to have it stuck to my face thinking t will suck the life out of me. However Dr. Abraham asked me about Starwars and asked me if do I think Darth Vader Was cool or not. I nodded and he explained that I will sound just like Darth Vader and it will be cool.

Eyes wide I took the plastic mask into my heads and held it in place. He put some sort of medicine into the thing and started the contraption. True enough in less then a minute I started sounding like Darth Vader himself. Man was I ecstatic. Pretty much from then onwards I loved visiting his clinic. I know I'll get at least a lollipop and took every single opportunity to at least touch every single toy he had on his desk.

This morning I woke up and went to NST online. There was a name that strike me these fond memories. Quickly clicking on the link there was a picture of him. Yup...he was my doctor alright. I even called him Dr. Abe when I was still receiving treatment. From the report it stated that he passed away last year. That was when it prompted me to write this piece. It does not matter how many awards does a doctor receive... let alone how much he makes. I do feel that all a doctor could really appreciate is that the fact that 20 years on a child he or she treated still remembers them.

I never got a chance to say thank you. I never got a chance to say what a cool doctor he was. I never came back when I am all grown up and invited him for tea. I wish I did. But then again if he knows that I smoke then he might just give a piece of his mind that would prompt me to stop smoking immediately. Haahaa...strict doctor he was. But yeah... this is my salute to you Dr. Sam Abraham. To his familiy.... I bet he was a father figure to many kids in the 80's.

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