15 August, 2008

Good luck Permatang Pauh.

Plans overtaking the government in September is said to be on schedule. I thinkit is bullshit. Unless well of course Anwar is taking it by force~ some devine military intervention perhaps which is most likely not to ever happen.

PKR has lofty ambitions and ideas. The all too Islamic party which is PAS are doubting that the partnership is going anywhere. I expect Pas to pull out of PKR soon. I don't see a point on why they needed PKR in the first place~

Permatang Pauh was indeed left vacated by Wan Azizah to pave way for her beloved husband back into action. Which indicates that he just wants the chance to show his well healed eye (pun intended on the black eye incident) in the grand Dewan Rakyat.

It is a grand stage for him to prove his points plus with the half an hour broadcast could possibly do his scheming plans some good. Good or not, win or not PKR is definitely on shakey grounds. With the habit of Mr. De Facto jumping the gun~ He was impatient the last time and that cost him a couple of years in the slammer and put a halt to his takeover plans.

What is the situation in UMNO that could possibly make Anwar happy? Well the report made against those in power for money politics could work towards Anwar's favour but I don't think it is enough. It should take a lot more to bring down the giants.

Should Anwar win in Permatang Pauh? I belive he can do it. I belive he still has the influence to sway the voters there his way. But whatever it is.... BN or PKR should not take their opponents lightly. Otherwise they would not know what hit them. I wish Permatang Pauh all the best....its to the voters...not the cute ass candidates.

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J T said...

With this defacto fella, at least we got some hopes. If u think he's bullshitting just like u in this god damn blog, then just watch.

I believe not all people like Anwar himself, but they hated BN more. What has they done for the last fucking 4 yrs plus? Korek all our hard earn tax paying fucking money into their own asshole!

Is that what you fucking want? I can tell you this fucking idiots of Babi Negara already shipped out RM 44 billion from our country, and the longer this Bodohwi, murderer Najib and the all famour Khinzir Jantan n co in place, Malaysia will soon go bankrupt! All your damn tax paying money already in their fucking ass!

Just watch! We have no choice, but to vote for someone we don't hate!