08 August, 2008

Investigations on those in POWER should be done ASAP.

Mighty interesting~ Datuk Mazlan Harun did not specify exactly who but the term he used is very well understood. Based by an open letter written by retired army captain Datuk Zahar Hashim addressed to UMNO secretary general demanding for Pak Lah and Najib to beinvestigated and disciplined on the grounds of abuse of power.

Some of the details of the letter may be foud here.

Not very long after that Anwar was to be charged in court.... Hmmmm....devine intervention to distract the attention of the rakyat? I dunno, go figure.... talk about immaculate timing.

It was not said when the open letter was dated but my guess is it could have been awhile till an official statement was made.

Is Pak Lah and Najib guilty of abuse of power and money politics? I seriously think so~ which politician isn't to a certain extent? Honestly to determine who would go up and down in rank without even a vote is indeed a sin in any democratic establishment.

Lets take a vote now and see who would the Rakyat want to be made the next PM? I bet you my balls none of those mentioned would be favoured. GO ahead.... investigate and pin down the culprits. Parading them in their boxers in KL would be great if it is not too much to ask.

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