14 August, 2008

Keep the relentless pursuit of education for Mono-ethnicity to your selves please.

By some chance I came upon the Education Malaysia blog (through google elerts sent to my email). And it came as no surprise that eventually someone will put the VC of UiTM under the microscope. Not too bad a research based on what can be found officially online of Ibrahim Abu Shah.

I can't dispute the facts but the conclusion was a tad one sided, although one cant deny that it is pretty apparent that the VC has devoted (sold) himself for Malay Supremecy. You can't blame the man, afterall all the knowledge he gained was awarded to him by UiTM or known as Institut Teknologi MARA then.

The issue that was questioned at the end of the article was is he really qualified? On paper at least I think he is well suited. However I have to agree that besides the experience he gained lecturing / studying in UiTM he does not really have much of anything else.

What did not catch me as a surprise at all is the fact he is also an all out UMNO die hard. It figures as much as he to why he has been sitting pretty in that post for a pretty long time. I take him akin to the "Mahathir of Higher Education" to a certain extent.

Personally I have nothing against him. However I do have my complaints and dissatisfaction on how the varsity is run. So when you are not satisfied with a certain administration who do you poit your fingers too? Obviously the man at the top.

For a very long time now I am very much against the fact and concept of a mono-ethnic institute of education. Especially after going through my diploma in UiTM. I dont see the experience as something that rewarding or fortunate. In fact I fell sad to those who are forced to study there because they cant afford to study anywhere else.

The Malay Dilemma quickly springs to mind. To those who can afford it they would rather spend more to send their children somewhere else rather then UiTM. C'mon, ask yourself and ask the Bumiputra kids who just finished SPM and STPM....given a choice where would they want to study? I can bet you that almost all will mention some other institution. I too did not even think I would land my self an offer to UiTM, I was praying that my application would not get through.

Enough of pulling on a select case. However noble the intentions are I must say that the execution was bad. First and foremost it was a politicaly influenced judgement to have the mono-ethnic varsity. So to those who cry foul about my points here can just screw themselves back and forth.

This month is actually some homecoming celebration for UiTM Alumni. So what a good time to pitch the whole fiasco to the knowledge of some old fart graduates of the varsity. I am off the Alumni somewhat~ But I dont like the fact that such an establisment was ever associated to my education.

Putting it simpler, I am not proud at all. When questioned on where did I get my cert from, it comes to me as a bitter pill and a painful chill that I have to answer UiTM. Ungrateful some would say but hey I can shout and vouch for my own opinion here right?

I think it would be a favour to the whole nation in a way that UiTM will forever be for the Bumis. Phew~ at least they wont spill and spread their Malay Supremecy apedemic to the other races as a form of education. Undergraduates of UiTM have to endure that for as long as they study there. Summer camps, Student Orientation, Various internal discourse and talks all speak to the tune of Melayu this and Melayu that. If I am an Indian or Chinese and my children are offered places in UiTM it will sincerely come with a swift and stern NO.

Yeah, so I change my mind. I no longer support UiTM to be open to the other races. I do not want the young minds of other races to be as polluted as that to a typical Malay supremist mind. I would not want other races to practice and pick up the dirty habits of immature name calling.

So my dear request to the ruling government / party / mono-ethnic supremist... keep this one ideology forever with you dammed people. Keep it so close and dont spread the deadly desease to the rest of the population. We don't need it and can live far better than if we get it. Thank you for the offer if there was ever one but really no thanks from the deepest sincerest hearts.

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