24 August, 2008

Let me tell you something about cops.

I detest that the whole police force are BN's soldiers and are brainless. I bet you that some are really good cops. While there are also who are corrupted. I have noticed personally that some cops love to get drunk and act like hooligans when they are. I do also agree that cops do earn at the side when they are off duty. But all the vice they do hold only true to a minority of them.

NST covered a lot of reports on Friday about cops. Which got me thinking... if the media portrays negativity and let readers make their own conclusion which we normally do, to what extent that PDRM can do to change the people's perception?

My friend and I came to a roadblock in Klang just behind Giant Bukit Tinggi about a month back. I was stopped and told to pull over. The officer (a young one) came over and asked for our IC and license. The normal procedure as you may have experienced. Then another came and asked us to step out and started ransacking my car. And I mean they really ransacked.

From glove box all the way to the boot. They even took the time to check underneath the carpets. We we're being friendly and all asked what were they searching for. We got no reply. One of the officers found a small tin and smiled coyly and asked what is this. I replied it is Chinese tea leaves... he opened it to check and to his dismay it was. But not to be dumbed out there he stuck his finger into the tin and started to feel it all the way to the bottom.

My friend and I started to laugh slowly. The other cop asked why are you laughing? And asked us to turn out our wallets. I think these cops are fresh are a bit naive... this one particular cop asked why does my wallet have a detachable part? Is it to hide something? I answered it came with the wallet as it is and its a credit card holder. Yes I was rolling my eyes when I said it. I guess he took offense that I think he was stupid....which honestly I think he is stupid.

I popped open my boot. I had a box and a sports bag filled with t-shirts to sell. These two idiots quickly went through it and I suspected they took out the right size for each of them. One asked what are these T-shirts for? I said "Untuk pakai la". The other one asked "Nie baju untuk jual ke aper?". I answered again "Yup". "Takder baju untuk polis ke?" implying that he wants one FOC. "Baju nie semua orang boleh pakai bang, tak kisah ler kerja aper pun" and I gave him a cock stare. "Ala...boleh ler bagi satu, satu jer takkan tak boleh kot". "Heh-heh, tak boleh bang...kalau beli, saya jual ler" this time on purpose I said it loud enough so that his officer in charge could hear us.

Noticed that his plan to pau me did not work he collected our IC and driving license from his officer and passed it back to us. I wonder is it just them or police standard procedure to make people feel guilty until proven otherwise. And is it common practice for cops to take opportunity to pau even a silly t-shirt? I am sorry if the good cops feel offended but hey you cops are in uniforms and honestly I can't tell who is the good cop or who is the bad cop.

I have met with corrupted cops before. They like hanging out at night clubs possibly to earn extra income. Being off duty does not entitle cops to behave unruly, get drunk and participate in other vice activities. If cops can raid night spots for juveniles and possession of drugs I think they should raid clubs for off duty cops who does not maintain discipline and participate in the drinking as well. Try it once...I bet there are Malay cops who drinks like a camel.

But yeah...who would want to listen to a plain old rakyat like me? Cops will never tell on cops unless they are caught red handed and there is a significant amount of evidence that could not save the poor old chap no more. Still...all respect goes to cops who uphold the law and are courteous and fair in executing their responsibilities and duty. The rest can very well eat my spit.

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CY said...

I appreciate that you record this whole incident in a very civilized, composed and controlled manner without resorting to emotions.

The Malay saying, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga is very true here. Of course, it's more than setitik nila in this case.