28 August, 2008

No Internet Cencorship my arse.

Aside from Anwar....the next most famous man in Malaysian Blogsphere currently is RPK is in the lime light again. What else if not for his infamous blog Malaysia Today. MCMC has clearly violated their promise. From what can be understood from the reports it is because of the many comments left by his readers that has caused Malaysia Today to be blocked by ISPs.

The best of it is that other bloggers too will be contacted to advise us on ethical blogging. Hang on a minute... if there are thousands of visitors per day and they leave a thousand more comments there will always be a possibility that some malicious ones that will be missed.

Yes there are widgets to control such comments based on keywords entered to be filtered but what about those who run on free blogging services such as Blogspot and Wordpress Free? Sometime I wonder where are their gumption. But then again I do find some comments left by some readers that are too terrible. Emak ketam nak ajar anak ketam jalan lurus.... aperda.

However there is also the possibility in Malaysia Todays predicament that the comments might be planted by certain people with certain interests to see that site go down. So what about that then? It would rather be more appropriate to go after those who leaves the comments then the owner of the site. But that would be harder right?

Still apart from porn and illegal gambling and fraud websites other websites should never be blocked. Next time don't promise when you cant deliver.... see now what happens? You want to come and lecture me about ethical blogging? I'll lecture you about not lying to the rakyat first. Wait a minute... no need to do that. We'll just vote out the old government in the next elections.


kraken said...

if the isp block access to RPK sites, there is always other domains to reside on...since the blocking protocol is blocking the IP not the whole class...

so...nothing actually can stop from accessing...depending tho on the creativity of the web creator or the reader...can use proxy maaa~

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