20 August, 2008

One can't cheat god by swearing upon the Quran.

I think by publicizing the whole thing Saiful has really made the Quran to be some sort of a wildcard to win favors. On whose behalf is he acting for is the merry question everyone is asking. Is it cheap fame or someone is paying him to do all this? Did he really took it up in the ass? No doubt he is famous now...albeit all for the wrong reasons.

Why should the media pay attention to him? Simply because he is sensational....mildly cute and intrigues the masses. The cloud of mystery is always good for the tabloids. Even more so if the subjects are young and looks as if they are innocent. I guess sex sells very well~ even if it has connotations of being "Dual Band".

Many are condemning Saiful. Many too are backing him. But besides the justice that he so call is fighting for if he got it in his ass a few times and did not retaliate there and then it must have been at least with halfhearted consent. So does mildly enjoying it makes him an accomplice? Apparently not~ since the thing is whoever goes to the cops first and lodge a police report will be automatically be the victim. Some crooked way of justifying how the law thinks~ so called technicality on something that is far from being technical.

So it should give a good example to the younger generation...if you cant make the cut on a reality TV show take some of it up your ass and overnight you will shoot to stardom... more like stardoom to me. Absolutely sensational stuff.... ts creme de la creme of stores for the tabloids. Apparently taking someones misfortune and slapping it on the front page is somewhat very entertaining to them. Either that or those tabloid editors are gay.

But there is one that no one can fool. Slap your hands a million times on a sacred book and swear upon the gods of all human race and methodological creatures also you cant possibly fool the ONE. Apparently people forget too easily that at the end of their time they will die too and meet their creator.

Personally I dont think that a muslim should swear upon the Quran in public, let alone doing it in front of the media and have recordings of it. What matters is not how it was done but the true conscience within. Anyone can swear on anything they like.... but if that tiny heart ticks the wrong beat then it is simply wrong. There is simply no two ways about it.

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