12 August, 2008

Owh...non Bumis are not missing much~

As predicted...the statement made by the current Selangor MB has been met with lots of flak. What ensued today happened to be the biggest peaceful rally staged by the Student council of UiTM for I can remember. There was once a big rally but that was more than 15 years ago if I am not mistaken and then it was not a University but a measly college.

Before I go on any further about this whole "Ketuanan Melayu" (that is Malay Rights or commercially known as "social contract" for you foreign readers), what happened today was a totally the opposite action of what the authorities did as compared to the recent public rallies that was held. Hindraf had water cannons.... Bersih had water cannons laced with chemicals. While as long there was a hint of a gathering of mass proportions there were roadblock set up to the inconvenience of the people. But, this one?

Let what was portrayed in the news be proof of how unjust and prejudiced are the authorities are towards select groups. Anyway...some say it was not the right time to such ideas of opening up UiTM to other races....even for 10% for that matter. The fact is for as long the very same people that uphold the "Ketuanan Melayu" idea now is still around, that is how long more UiTM will only be specifically be for the Bumis.

I was watching the news on the tele... and the beloved "father" of all UiTM undergrads famous for his mustache and fancy designer sunglasses/glasses specifically said that it is a no question issue and he will defend UiTM to be forever for the Bumiputras. I would imagine no less of the man.... other wise he would no longer be holding the post of Vice Chancellor now would he?

But is the issue politicized? Tell me what is not politicized in Malaysia? Even construction of highways are politicized. Heck, I bet someone who is Ultra Pro Malay / Government / UMNO would say that even a measly blogger like me has somewhat a political agenda.

Look~ there is a popular saying about UiTM... believe me many realized it once they actually graduated from the university. It simply sounds like "First Class facilities, Third Class mentality". I am not saying all UiTM graduates feel that way...but saying "many" would be too ambiguous. Perhaps a poll should be done by a third party to give an unbiased account of what those students are really thinking of their Alma Mater.

Should other races be bothered that there is one University that is not opened to them? Honestly they should not. They are not missing much really.... in terms of education quality there is nothing much to shout about UiTM. If one of the top 3 Unis in Malaysia were to be restricted to Bumis only then I would really understand. But UiTM has nothing much to be fussed for.

I have written many articles pertaining to UiTM and the quality that they seem to shout aloud for. Even the fact that I was kicked out for publishing those articles I am glad they did what they did. For I am indeed grateful of the Diploma that I graduated for but other then the knowledge that i could very well read on my own I cant say I am proud of everything else that UiTM offered.

So what if the fees are dead cheap? So what if the world class facilities are subsidized with the rakyat's money? So what? Other colleges and Unis offer a much richer experience living as Malaysians. Compared to studying surrounded by just once race....imagine how socially insecure is that? Like a Malay saying "Katak Bawah Tempurung".... being secure in one surrounding will not let you master what the rest of the world has to offer....which coincidentally brings us to another saying "Mati Katak"...so one will live till death in vain.

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DefineMalaysianNotNonExistentMalayRace said...

Good points, but one sore point.

"Ketuanan Melayu" is not frigging "Malay Rights".

The correct literal translation is the neo-Nazi "Malay Supremacy" or "Malay Overlordship".

Rauff said...

It was a pun intended to the Malay Supremist~

Anonymous said...

Seeing the procession of black-clad students in the morning, I admit, certainly had the cynic in me acting up.

As expected, all of my UiTM buddies were strongly against it and some event went for the rally. I think it's about time, but somehow, I bet it won't come to fruition.

ThePasser said...

I've been reading your writing since i found out about your troubles with the admin of itm.

I saw the idiots wearing black shirts, who went to the rally. They don't even like serious protesters, more like stupid rempits who have nothing to do like,going to class,for instance.

The problem is,it is blown out of proportion. The MB was only suggesting,and he is not even the education minister. The reason why many Malays cannot go to itm?Filthy rich malay kids got their place by using connections. There's even a dude driving an X5, a Cayenne to itm. I mean, what the hell??

Rauff said...

Indeed there are. However I do believe that some lucky people out there could strike riches in just a year alone~ So i would not blame the kids that got into UiTM and drive their sponsored expensive cars around.

However what I do blame is on the fact that each Uni selects their intake. I believe there is a loophole that some quarters can take advantage of and some are indeed abusing their power.

Systems are created perfect, unprejudiced and fair. It is the people running them that should be blamed. Humans will always be humans and greed is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a UITM graduate, so i don't know how it feels like studying with one race.. but few things got to change
1) the malays mentality. (you're given the opportunity other races don't get, so STUDY and STUDY hard, dont waste ur time with tunjuk perasaan and such!)
2)work together to level up the quality and university ranking so people won't talk bad UITM graduates
3)Competition is good. Compete among yourself (the Malays)..be a little bit 'kiasu'. Otherwise bringing in the Chinese and Indians to spark competitiveness is not a bad idea actually if it's for Malay's own good!