22 August, 2008

Pak Lah's slick trick

Yeah just minutes after I posted my previous article there goes in the news that petrol prices are lowered. When I was told that it will be RM2.55 per liter the only thing that came out of my mouth was a four letter word followed by "face". Now, lets see if my memory serves me right... the highest price that a barrel of crude oil was around USD$147. Now crude oil prices have dropped to almost USD$117 per barrel. What is the difference? A USD$30 drop... and what did we receive?

Thats right a "generous" RM0.15 decrease. RM0.15 in USD$ is only USD$0.04 ~! Ok Ok so i am not an economist and don't really know what are the actual calculations involved. But mathematics should be logical. So where is the logic in just lowering RM0.15 per liter? I think there is none.

Pak Lah must have been asleep during his math classes in school otherwise how could you rationally explain the friggin tiny 15 sen decrease. In this silliness I could actually foresee a trick... is Pak Lah desperate? Many opposition supporters or those who are fed up will shout a resounding YES! If lets say BN looses in Permatang Pauh will it screw up the transition of power to Najib? I hear lots of Yes and some say No.

Back to the point... why la only 15 sen? Would it hurt so much to round it up to 20 sen? A Perodua Viva will only save RM5 for a full tank. It feels more like being given charity somewhat. Saving RM5 may be a big deal to low income people but heck low income people do not own cars~! How much can they save on a full tank in lets say a Modenas Kriss?

If there was a tool that I use to check Pak Lah's head I think it would be a magic wand. A plink and a plonk might rattle the old man into common sense or otherwise transform him into a four post bed. Bravo Pak Lah, I do not know what are you trying to prove but you have proven it... I think we can gather you amongst the most nonsense leader in the modern world. If there was an association for it the head will be George Bush and you can safely be his deputy. Yes be relived that you are not the worse....well not yet at least.

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