26 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: I suspect roadblocks leading North

It seems a bit late, but I can't seem to sleep so I think I'll post something that I have every suspicion that the Popo are trying their bit to help BN out....

I was driving home from work today and had to take Bukit Jelutong heading towards Guthrie Expressway. When I turned into the small slip road heading towards Batu Arang I noticed something really odd. Roadblock~!

Heh? how come there s a road block at 6:30pm in the evening heading North? Then it occurred to me quickly and I think it is a good estimation that the Cops must be trying to delay voters to Permatang Pauh by election or perhaps catching suspicious groups of people that do not seem like BN voters.

Well, blame me of making false claims but hey...everytime the opposition has the slightest intention of having a rally these men in blue place cones and flashing lights in the middle of some road and start a merry chatting session amongst themselves. Which in return gives us a bloody headache and loose precious hours at our jobs which some of us get our pay deducted at the end of the month. Pricks~!

Anyway, just a bit of advice. To those who are heading to Permatang Pauh to cast your votes.... please take these few precautions:

  • Travel light - meaning less luggage thus lesser raising suspicion so that the cops wont ransack your car and waste your precious time.
  • Dress well - Making your self look presentable will not give the impression that you are some rascal gonna make some ruckus.
  • Travel with no more than 3 people in the car - Well yes Petrol prices are a tad lower but that is not the reason. Just so that it wont make you look like you are gonna do some mob hit.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good condition - Hey, you dont want to stall in the middle of the highway and miss the chance to change the country do you?
  • Travel with family - if you can that is...police seldom stop vehicles that are filled with the whole family.
  • Be polite and nice - OK this one will take some practice since it can be a pain to communicate with morons who somehow become cops. But just keep your cool and answer them with proper salutations.
  • Do not carry any political party addenda - Yes, pull off that membership and pledge car stickers, leaflets, tags, freebies from the last elections.

If you follow the simple things above you will very well have a smooth trip back to vote and also a safe return. Send my regards to the rest of Permatang Pauh for me.


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