17 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: Party Delinquents

It is not surprising. Not even a tiny bit. But the incident that involved press people getting bashed is very bad. What sort of maturity is this when certain groups resort to such childish high school acts?

Malaysian politics has a problem. A very embarrassing one too~ Party members / supporters act like delinquents. Talk all the cock but seldom can they walk it. What is my concern is not who the hell wins in Permatang Pauh. But it is the entire process of democracy is my concern.

Democracy in many sense is suppose to spell out freedom to choose. But what is written on paper seldom is the reality. Figure this~ in any election the one that should be contested is who will be the representative in the Dewan. But it is shown many times that other may take opportunity and perhaps to some being careless enough to forget the main purpose of an election.

For all the brains they have to come up with many things to say they still resort to some form of violence. Somehow, someway the ability to control the mouth and limbs takes a back seat. Some even seem to be mildly possessed (I think they call this party fanatics / loyalist).

I fear for the safety of the voters. I fear for the lives of children and the elderly getting hurt. I fear that people would loose their minds and choose the wrong person and I am not saying that BN or PKR are good. Today a pressman gets beaten up...tomorrow? An innocent child? A helpless senior citizen? Perhaps a massacre even? I dare not contemplate more on what might happen if these so called adults and their leaders cant keep their mouth shut and their limbs to themselves.

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Purple Haze said...

In circumstances that evoke immense emotional responses from the masses, agent provacatuers can create and take advantage incidences to apportion blame on certain parties.

It has happened before in Malaysia, one fateful day in May 1969 and I sincerely hope it does not happen again with growing maturity of all Malaysians.