19 August, 2008

Permatang Pauh: So who did it?

"It's not our people who mobbed the other day" that is what PKR is saying. So if not them then who else? I look at it very simply....if it is not one side who did it then it should be the other. So who is the other?? You are smart enough to know which one.

What is the shock? Nothing beats this classic..."It wasn't me" tale. However at whose expanse is it that the violence is thumbed upon? Innocent voters and pressmen gets whacked for no apparent reason. A bash-up sounds like fun to some doesn't it?

So now people will ask BN if they did it. Of course they will say NO. Perhaps they take the rakyat as fools~ Well we can't be fooled for too long. I think to a certain extent both sides are dirty swines. Both are fuelled by greed and riches. That is why they are in politics in the first place.



Anonymous said...

bodoh betol dorang yang pukol tu..naseb baik aku xder ..kalo aku ada situ memang dah pecah kepala pemberita news shit times tu hahaha padan muka

Oink OInk said...

it was extremely easy to detect. if you had read the news from MSM, you would notice that all of them described the mobs as 'dressed in PKR T-shirts'.

clearly a synchronised and an orchestrated effort by the MSM in describing the mobs!

chong said...

has the polis caught the guy who beat up the kwong min daily reporter 2/3 weeks ago?

no news yet, right?


Antares said...

Anwar is beyond a shadow of doubt the most popular candidate - look at the turnout! Would PKR be so bodoh as to provoke violence on Nomination Day? Not their style lah. However, we do know that Umno has a Cawangan Mat Rempit on its payroll. I'm sure those boys are always happy to do some "undercover" work for their bosses! Very old trick... black ops, false flag ops... usually a sign of panic that an incumbent political party may suddenly lose control of the country.