22 August, 2008

Put your hopes too high and the government puts it down.

Revision to petrol prices is highly anticipated. However as the days approaches to the end of August there seems to be no signs of it yet. Perhaps I have missed that story somehow. Still I figure there is a good tactic if BN keeps a grudge against the Rakyat for causing them to loose their 2 thirds easy majority.

If I were to keep a grudge on such things and I can control the economy what would I do? Hmmmm....ahaaa~!!! I'll put the petrol prices on ransom until the results of Permatang Pauh! How about that? Cool eh? But then if hell break loose then how? Naahhh...I'll sleep over it. Anyway....under recent circumstances I would believe that it might be probable.

But come on, that would be entirely a wrong thing to do. For some reason ACA have been very prompt in their actions and arrests. Pak Lah says that simply show of how efficient ACA has become. Well I think that simply shows of how corrupted politicians and high ranking civil service personnel are. Nice flowery words that Pak Lah's political secretary wrote for him.

Have you watched the Usual Suspects? You should watch it, it teaches a lot of things. There is one line in the movie that Kevin Spacey said... "The best trick that the Devil has ever done is to make people believe that he does not exist". Equate that to politicians and you see how relevant that.

Still it is not end of the month yet~ Once it hits the calender to change from August to September then we shall see if the price of petrol drops. I would like to monitor the outcome of the Permatang Pauh by elections and the decision on lowering the price of petrol and how it remotely relates to each other. Just for fun.... *smirk*

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