16 August, 2008

Syed Hamid threatens with Sedition Act.

Straight to the point..... read the article here and tell me what you think. Those who use extreme provocation (racial or religious issues) will not be given a blink of a chance. Permatang Pauh by elections is certainly set to be a heated debate if not a contest.

A 3000 strong police personnel will be deployed to scan the situation and take immediate action towards those who incite bitter racial and religious issues. The question is when is Malaysian politics is not racially or religiously motivated? When both ends meet there are bound to be some sort of ruckus.

Loyal supporters of both sides will resort to name calling and other vocal expression (seldom do you see singing but who knows) to change the heart of voters at the eleventh hour. It seems to me that Syed Hamid should also extend stern warning towards BN supporters and members too. As they are too not excused from grievous and often childish taunts and remarks.

Looks like this by elections is bigger than our Malaysian athletes campaign in the Beijing Olympics. Who would strike gold in Permatang Pauh where the large majority of voters are Malay? Would gain that crucial seat in the Dewan? Voters of Permatang Pauh have a huge responsibilty. It is very likely that whoever wins here will be setting the tone of political stability for the next four years.

Just be weary that both sides are capable of dirty tactics. If not the candidates....then the supporters themselves. Just a piece of advice to all eligible voters..... come early in unmarked vehicles, always come and leave in groups and just as extra precaution avaid wearing the party colours involved. These campaign workers are stubborn people~ sometimes the heat of the game strikes their emotions too well that it might as well just be insulting their mother.

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Anonymous said...

If you see the photo taken at PTG Pauh today, you can see at the PR side all malaysia regardless of their race had turn up to support DSAI or BR. As for the BN side, sadly one race outnumber others. So Lu Pikir sendiri.