11 August, 2008

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim agrees that UiTM should be opened up..... and its about bloody time too~

From the news report obtained here it should be a very timely step for the Mono ethnic varsity to be opened to all races. However the initial suggestions of 10% of enrollment to other races and foreigners is a bit too tiny. I would rather fathom a 30% - 40% seats allocated to non-bumis.

A study should be done no doubt but realisticly it will be met with a lot of flak from all sides. Especially UMNO being the tradtional so called champion of the Malay prowess (cough cough...bullshit). However I do personally think that many would agree that UiTM graduates are formally qualified but certainly lacks soft skills to comprehend the fast paced job market and simply loose out on competativeness.

What are the repercussions in opening it's campuses to other races? For one, if the change are not met with quick adoption by the management as well as the undergraduates the Bumiputras will certainly loose out. How to change the mindset is the greatest challenge of all.

No matter what are the efforts taken it will be a big challange. Making sure it does not contradict the main goal UiTM was set up for will seem to be an impossible task. We could very well see how many will bark back. But just bare in mind..... how it would be even minutely possible for one a race to be competative when all have been incubated together for so many years? Certainly Malaysia is not mono ethnic.... not even by a long shot.

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