12 August, 2008

Time will come when our children point their fingers to us.

Malaysians are an emotional bunch. Once we believe in something we will stick by it almost till death do us part. But are we intelligent enough to differentiate things? I think this is where the point ruckus starts. The Bar Council by being so called intelligent made a grievous error without realizing the consequences to a certain extent.

I admire their plans to have Convergence to Islam Forum. However what could have been a closed door event blew to a devastating event that any PR guru cant solve swiftly. Sadly the name has somewhat been tarnished to a certain degree.

Pak Lah is not in favour of such forums being organized which was stated many times clearly. But it came to me as a realization that are we Malaysians are to forever quickly run away to avoid and curl when sensitive issues such as this needs to be addressed? For how long need we deny that there is a problem.

True as the saying goes why fix something which is not broken but aside from that how do we improve ourselves as a nation further? The first step to a change for the better is to acknowledge the issue that we indeed have a problem. Simply running a way in hiding does not make matters any better.

I am very afraid that one day (I hope not in my generation) that the tension gets to boiling point that certain groups will take matters into their own hands and I am not referring to organizing measly forums or discourse. It is evident that many countries face racial and religious issues and failed to improve over many many generations.

Someone will suffer. If it is not us then our children and grandchildren will live with prejudice and discrimination. And when it starts to break I am afraid I already know what our future bloodline would say...."My parents did not do anything, so why the hell should I?". Owh I pray that I will not live to see that day come.

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LC Teh said...

Does it occur to you that Pak Lah or some people behind him just decide to let this hang on for political purposes? But I concur, our children or grand-children will point their fingers at us when the fuse blows eventually.