20 August, 2008

UiTM: Ideology surpasses logic.

Lim Kit Sing issued an open letter addressed to Ibrahim Abu Shah in his blog. Not that I have to say that Lim Kit Siang will get the VC's attention in the instance of just batting an eyelid and a twitch of his mustache prior to perhaps saying something along the line of "He has no right to say anything on UiTM".

It's a noble thing to have idealist in this world. Certain ideologies are meant to benefit everyone while some are just pampered dreams that slowly fades away. In the instance of UiTM it was envisioned to be an ideal institution at the time it was formed.

I wont go into details on it's history (you can find it on Wikipedia) but at the time the Malays were really not too bright and qualified to be self sufficient. However after 50 years of existence they have delivered thousands upon thousands of graduates. However, because of sheer size and the ferocity of constant expansion (UiTM has a campus in every state) perhaps the numbers has surpassed quality many years ago.

Perhaps the sheer devotion by the Malay Idealist at the time went a wee bit overboard. Thus a devotion has grown into a habit~ A very dirty habit has it turned out to be. So vast and concentrated the main campus is in Shah Alam that it actually covers a whole section. Thus one never hears of Section One, Shah Alam but it starts at Section Two. Yes the whole of UiTM main campus is Section One~!!!

No matter, I am just rying to reason out that ideologies just like perishable goods have a limited shelf life. 50 years of mono-ethnic education ideology is far too long. The idea has fermented beautifully at first but someone forgot to keep check~ Thus it went on from nicely ripe to slowly getting moldy. Now it has turned acidic and is starting to let out a sour stench that raises suspicion.

But sour is a stubborn after taste~ it lingers and once in awhile it reminds you that its turning really bad. However, being fed the same thing for 50 years tends to grow on to you. SO, it starts to be comfortable...contented even. Thus whenever a change is suggested you will certainly get answers like "Why fix something that is not broken?". Indeed it is not broken...but need you wait till it shatters to a million pieces then you realize that something could have been done about the inevitable probabilities that it would encounter?

There....its an ideology that surpasses logic. It's like Babylon just awaiting time to be smashed and forgotten. For UiTM I wish that would be soon~ as for the ideology wish it to be even sooner.

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