02 August, 2008

Wan Azizah lets go for Hubby.... what a whack in the ass for BN?

Twisting as ever this political game can be. For so many thought it could not get any more twisted as it is. Honestly the voter of Permatang Pauh should feel very cheated. They voted for one and then she decides to pull out and allow her husband a shot in the ass of the BN government. Should it be shouted as a quick solve tactic? Or is it going to be a disaster for controversial politician Anwar Ibrahim?

So while the shock news shivers through BN's spine (some might have a sleepless weekend) what is there in the stakes? Well for one if Anwar wins in the by elections that means he has a nice comfy seat in parliament won't he? I bet that is what he always wanted from the day he was released. That is simply to shine on a stage where he confidently shown prowess for his years as a Minister sometime long ago.

I think all that election campaigning for PKR was simply a sharpening stone for this sole purpose. His public speaking skills are known to be very convincing and powerful. If there is a chance given to have a heads on debate by Anwar vs. Pak Lah I can surely bet you that the latter would loose. What?? Do I hear BN supporters booing me? Well honestly screw you.... all of us very well know in terms of public speaking who has the better energy and clear vigilant eye on details.

Politically, Pak Lah will have legions of supporters because simply he is the man of the hour holding the seat that Najib sorely eyed for so long. I bet Najib's heart did not skip a beat when he know about the transition of power in 2010. So should Anwar be playing night watch longer? He should not.... and so thus his plans are underway.

But which way is it that is good for the Rakyat? I don't trust Anwar....nor do I trust Najib. Some brains in power are thinking....if we do not do something now to bring down Anwar handling both of them (Najib and Anwar) will be a very tough thing to do. So why not fix the smaller tyke first and throw him something up his ass? This is your perfect picture now~

Nothing to worry about Pak Lah...he is planning a long vacation over a year in advance (Petrol prices might go down I heard). Sorry Najib....the joke might as well be on you if you are not careful. To Wan Azizah.... Permatang Pauh voters will remember that you ditched them.

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