22 August, 2008

Whats in it for all the unnecessary people in Permatang Pauh?

There are only 3 people officially in contest. But they have brought down the whole party jingbang. I wonder if it is wise to do so..... while those nominated should go around doing the typical campaigning rounds the rest tend to create a somewhat uncontrollable atmosphere.

Why need Najib be there...owh to give money. Why should Pak Lah be there? Perhaps to see Anwar's delicious ass for himself. Why should KJ be there....owh to dress up as a girl perhaps and be amongst the Puteri Umno imitating the act of anal penetration.

I find that BN tends to talk the cock but can't really walk the cock. For 50 years they seem to get better and better at it. But these bunch is full of pride they are. As much as the probe "into" Anwar (haahaahaa.....all pun intended) and Saiful's swearing which did not follow proper procedures in the religious aspect, need I remind you that the BN leaders too have heat up their ass. Don't forget there is investigations for money politics with the two top frigs of BN being at the top of the list?

Why point at the opposition when they don't really have any power in the government to misuse the funds? The sudden arrest of many people regarding to corruption could possibly be a seasonal thing. It's like spring cleaning..... they only do it when the sun is shining.

Make an educated guess. Why are all of them paying attention to Permatang Pauh when ther is only one man to go against. Why all the fuss and effort? I think I can answer that... the dawn has come that BN are so shitting in their pants. Certain people are not willing to let go of their wealthy lifestyle and designer briefs. I say beat BN...beat BN good....but I don't think I would want Anwar to one day form the new government.

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lilian said...

I see the ex-ex-MB with two M visiting Permatang Pauh and using handicapped children on his blog makes me want to go over and give him a slap.